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Why all the ‘King’s men could not put some sense in Rahul Gandhi

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All political actions of Rahul Gandhi are strictly born out of not only his inability to become the prime minister of India but also due to his sustained thinking that he alone have the right and entitlement to become the prime minister of India and not Modi because Modi is born in a very simple family and started his life as ordinary tea seller. On the contrary, the dynast Rahul Gandhi is born with silver spoon in his mouth and the congress party is his family property; therefore he alone can inherit the ownership of the party and India. All other party men are nothing but his sycophants and ‘yes’ men. Whereas PM Modi rose to the great position through his hard work, commitment, personal integrity, merit and vision for New India.

Although we cannot consider the dynast either as wise or credible, but his incredible ability to entertain people of India though his senseless speeches and primitive brain power no one can deny, even his bitterest enemy.

Like how Rahul Gandhi is an asset to Indian National Congress, he also equally an asset to our nation in entertaining people during election season.

The question is why no one in congress party are willing to stop the dynast’s run like an elephant under musth or mongrel infected by Rabies virus is quite curious. Opposing Modi because he has to oppose can be accepted from the political perspective but abusing, using languages which are highly derogatory against our dear prime minister – Shri Narendra Modi cannot be accepted at any cost; even if the dynast claim he belongs to ‘Prime Minister’s Family’, have royal blood and Indo-Italian DNA.

The question before our nation is why all the king’s men are silent and indifferent towards their king who was once crowned, then he bequeathed the crown to his mother and again getting ready to crown as king of clowns. Even if the stupidity of the dynast Rahul Gandhi cannot be covered up, but still he can presented in somewhat better way by limiting him to speak with better training and avoid media people from taking impromptu questions.

How long the dynast can remain as an apprentice in Indian politics and how long the congress party can venerate the unwise dynast as their prince or prince in waiting is quite curious.


In the recent speeches, the language and rhetoric used by the dynast was below the dignity of any political leader of any country. The statements of the dynast against Modi reflect nothing but the total degeneration and erosion of congress party and the sheer desperation and frustrations of the dynast as he could not become prime minster of India due to Modi.

Several of his king’s men can easily intervene and can give regular tuition/coaching to the dynast and prepare him to speak in public after several rounds of rehearsal. Based on his memory (ability to learn and remember), Rahul Gandhi could have been trained to speak simple sentences, simple speeches etc., instead of putting self-goal and embarrassment. Or like a toy, the dynast can be kept in the stage without allowing him to speak and the entire show can be stage managed by others in the congress party.

Congress people instead of choosing to remain as cheerleaders of the dynast must try to put some sense in him otherwise not the prime minster-ship, Oscar award only may come to him for his clown show.


Immature, unwise, witty, un-teachable, foolish, pathological liar, jealous, greedy, restless, frustrated, hopeless…… we can offer millions of adjectives to the dynast. The big question before our nation is that does congress party wants only such person to head the party?

Congress party must worry about saving the congress party than secularism or constitution. Only by eliminating Nehru-Gandhi family from the party, INC can be saved otherwise the dynast would dig nothing but the graveyard of INC.

All the king’s men not only could not put humpty dumpty together again but also could not put some sense in dynast- Rahul Gandhi.

People of India must realize that Modi alone can save India from the corrupt dynastic politics.  Therefore people must spread about several transformation centric initiatives of Modi and how India has changed in the last 6 years. Let us defeat all negative forces and support Modi, the divine incarnation of honesty, good governance and sab ka vikas.
Jai Hind.

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