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Regional parties in India are in danger from congress emergence, defeat congress and save your tent

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People of India must imagine with fear and caution about a coalition government going to run our country; even if it is going happen in distant future?

India needs stability, direction and strong leadership. Narendra Modi is the best, perfect and right leader to lead our country to development and sab ka vikas.

If we carefully look at the political kitchen of opposition parties in India and how different different tukde tukde gangs are trying to make newer and newer kichadis (coalition) to loot the nation and to keep the dynastic politics alive; every Indian must wake up to the bitterest reality that India is facing a great danger more from the opposition parties than from our neighbouring enemy countries.

Most of the opposition parties including the grand old party of Gandhi family that wants nothing but dynastic culture and sycophancy promotion to achieve the above goal of power. For power all these parties are ready to play any dirty politics however harmful such politics might be to our nation.

The most interesting point is that all these opposition parties want to come together as an alliance partners simultaneously also wants to predate and over-eat the same resource of each other during the election season (minority vote). All these opposition parties are engaged largely in minority appeasement and are focusing on minority vote bank. To achieve the above goal, they often abuse Hindu culture, Hindu gods and our ancient sacred tradition called Hinduism.

The land mark fete of Modi in the recent times is the passing of CAB bill and making CAA. Instead of explaining to the people about why they oppose CAA which congress and many other political parties in the past had also made the same demand and are now engaged in spreading lies and hatred that CAA is threat to Muslims and minority communities, people of India have started to understand. How a new law that proposes to provide citizenship to many persecuted natural Indians who fled from some of our neighbouring countries would affect those who are already citizens of India?

It is so unfortunate that all those oppose CAA and protest against CAA in the street appears to have seldom understood about CAA but are busy serving their masters by spreading lies that CAA is anti-minority.

The new problem that most of opposition parties have diagnosed recently is that all of them are fighting for the same piece of bread. It looks like the congress party of the dynast wants to win back its minority vote bank which is the sole food of many regional parties. At national level the possibility of some minority community to think that the regional parties cannot protect their interest and only congress can protect them cannot be ruled out. If minority communities shift from regional parties to congress, then most of the regional parties are bound to disappear from the scene by next assembly election.

The only option left for the regional parties is to isolate the congress party than BJP. More than opposing Modi, the regional parties must oppose the congress party because victory of congress means death of regional parties whereas victory of Modi means only just a political defeat for these parties.

Regional parties must choose whether they want their permanent political death by allowing the congress party to re-emerge or are willing to endure another political loss to Modi in the next parliamentary election in 2024. Opposition parties should defeat the congress party much more aggressively than BJP.

It is not BJP or Modi pose threat to most of the regional parties like SP, BSP, TMC, TDP but the real threat is the congress party. If the regional parties ever show some level of kindness towards the congress party or inadvertently attempts to profit from such an alliance with the congress party that would be the end game for their existence.

The vote bank of the congress party and all other tukde tukde gangs that oppose Modi is one and the same, i.e., minority community vote. Congress is trying to shift the Muslim vote bank base of SP to itself in UP which is going to be dangerous to the existence of SP.

Congress party and most of the opposition parties are like different species of herbivorous animals and they always wish to stay together fearing lion but unfortunately all these species of animals survive on the same resource in the given habitat. In India, they survive through minority appeasement.

Modi is reforming India and on the other hand, Amit Shah is bringing the much needed Home Ministry reforms to transform the governance. People of India must grow above their normal level of maturity and intelligence and must pledge their unconditional support to Modi to save India from looters and dacoits. 

All those political parties that promote dynasty and corruption have no shame in aligning with any political party for power. The new age politics in Maharashtra played out by Shiv Sena, NCP and INC is the best example. People of India must convert their anger and hatred against various opposition parties to a new strength and must vote for Modi to win the next parliament election with even bigger margin so that more reform initiatives Modi can bring without any resistance or protest.


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