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Defeat ‘career protesters’ support Modi

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The avatar secret of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna is well known to all of us. If we analyse the steps taken by them to destroy all those evil forces like Ravan, Kamsa etc., the time taken for all such fete were quite long. In fact Lord Ram and Lord Krishna were the incarnations of Lord Vishnu to destroy evil forces and protect truth and dharma but still they took time to destroy all those evil forces.

The reason being most of the evil forces too became powerful only due to the blessings of the God.

Look at the life of Hiranyakashipu or Kamsa or Ravan. All of them got the blessings that only Lord Vishnu born as an ordinary human being alone can kill Ravan whereas a creature neither full man nor full beast alone shall kill Hiranyakashipu. That were the boon both of them got from God due to their prolonged penance. On the contrary the death of Kamsa was possible only by the 8th child of Vasudeva and Devaki. It means Kamsa had that much time to live without fear of death.

Hindus must reflect the deep messages of our Hindu mythology and epic as well as the birth secrets of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna.

No one has any doubt or disbelief in accepting our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi as a divine persona and embodiment of truth and purity. A leader dedicated his life and personal happiness for the development of the nation and sab ka vikas. 

Modi came to power in 2014 with the grace of people of India and people of India showered even more grace upon Modi in 2019. The question often people ask is why haven’t all problems in India are fully solved when India is led by Modi.

People should not go pessimistic; instead they must re-pledge their trust and must extend their unconditional support to Modi like how people of India worship Lord Ram and Lord Krishna.

Like Hiranyakashipu, Ravan, Kamsa and most of the other evil forces had have their time and all of them unfortunately came into existence only due to some divine intervention, many evil forces in India too unfortunately enjoys the support of people of India. As a result all such tukde tukde gangs are either in power in some states or have their small chunk of vote base.

Like how Lord only has granted such special boon to Hiranyakashipu, Ravan and Kamsa, only the people of India have supported all those negative forces and hence are noisy and poisonous today. Entire India must support Modi and BJP and only then India can be saved.

If we correlate the above mythological facts with various happenings in India, the role of God is being played by people of India during election time by supporting certain tukde tukde gangs. Such support has resulted in them forming the government in certain states. Once they form the government, they have the mandate to ruin the state for 5 years and the central government cannot dismiss and impose president rule in such states.

Due to such boon, all those evil forces could have their way and similarly the mandate given by people of India to all those tukde tukde gangs and divisive forces, people have to wait patiently for some more time to decompose them from Indian politics through democratic process. We should make entire India electing BJP government and only one political ideology and value system should exist in India and that is BJP.

Even God too has to follow certain rules and decorum. Hinduism has never shown God as someone who does whatever and whenever he wishes to do something he does. Hindu Gods have always followed certain rules and dharma. That is why Hinduism is so sacred and universal.

During Mahabharat war, Lord Krishna first played the role of a messenger and peace maker and only after the peace mission had failed, war broke out and all those evil forces were eliminated by Pandavas under the blessings of Lord Krishna.

Modi follows the path of truth, believes in pardoning and not punishment and grant moksh not mrityu.

Modi believes in empowering people economically, educationally and politically and not in favour of giving freebies for political gain like congress which made a political stunt called NYAY for its prolonged ANYAY to India, since independence.

Modi is solving all problems from its origin/source and not at the symptom level. People of India must show patience and confidence that Modi will solve all problems. People of India must realize the bitter truth that the opposition parties are the real problem of India and only when all opposition parties are eliminated through democratic process, India can be saved.

We should make India the land of our great heritage, Hindu tradition and culture which practices and promote nothing but tolerance, diversity, unity and universal brotherhood.

Indian-ness we must promote and support and not the gene or DNA of Italy to rule our great land and ruin our cultural identity called Hinduism. A little more time is required for PM Modi to defeat all those negative forces and fear mongers, need of the hour is the support of people to Modi to save our mother land- India.

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