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Rahul Gandhi, the Bermuda triangle of Congress party

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The Bermuda triangle analogy can be used to describe the congress party of today in several ways. Bermuda triangle is described as the region that is located in the western part of North Atlantic Ocean. Bermuda triangle is quite mysterious and is reported to have engulfed ships and flights that have gone near to quietly which no one knows how and why such mystery takes place.

Today the congress party is ruthlessly criticised and mocked by people of India because of the adamant determination of the party wish to encircle around one family and venerate the members of one family alone can save the party.

It is so sickening that most the congress men sermon around India that only Rahul Gandhi or his sister Mrs Vadra or the mother Sonia Gandhi alone can save the party and if the party president-ship is ever given to any outsider of the family, the party may disappear. The real truth is different and far from the one most congress men think or believe. It is the family that dispels and detracts people from congress party. The real Bermuda triangle of congress party is Rahul Gandhi, the great dynast of the party.

Congress men always follow the famous management rule that king can do no wrong. If someone points to them about the mistake of the king, immediately they would refer the rule again to console self that king can do no wrong.

If we look at the hierarchical matrix of congress party today, we can easily find a triangular arrangement but the only difference is that congress party is in an equilateral triangle where all the three sides are of equal length.

Sonia Gandhi, her son dynast son Rahul Gandhi and her daughter Mrs. Vadra hold the triangular shape of the congress party. All the three of them alone are eligible to become the president of congress party and any one of them is acceptable to the party. Another beauty in the acceptance of any one from the family lays the economic principle of fungibility. Sonia Gandhi can be replaced by Rahul Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi can be replaced by Mrs Vadra and vice versa. But no one outside of the family has the right to occupy the position is the said rule in congress party.

The real problem of the congress party is twofold. The ego clashes between several leaders within the congress party to question and deny any power and authority to each other makes the party to accept Bermuda triangle as the best option. Another problem is the acceptance of people of India. All those ego-rich congress leaders either want power for self or to their sons and daughters, are least bothered about congress party’s acceptance or rejection by people of India because all these selfish, greedy, dynasty promoting congress men want their self-interest to be served the best. They hope someday may come, people may feel tired and fatigue over BJP and that would bring luck to them. Until then the party must be rolled within the Bermuda triangle. As long as congress party is controlled by Bermuda triangle, people are there to abuse and criticise the congress party and through such regular criticism, the congress can be kept alive because people have not forgotten the congress party and that is why congress party is still criticized may the political thinking of all those selfish congress men.

The infamous reference of Savarkar by the dynast was highly relished and delish-ed by most congress men in the stage evokes only such possibility.

It looks like the congress men want the family to run the party and at the same time they never want the family to be so powerful and can win election. If the family can ever win election, then all those sycophants will lose their job and respect and hence they never want the family to win and at the same time they need the same family to check mate the fellow greedy in the party not to become president of the party.

The real Bermuda triangle of the congress party is its prince who is waiting for his second coronation. Through regular utterances of nonsense, exposure of ignorance and inability, display of anger that he could not become prime minister of India, hatred for Modi because Modi gives no chance for corruption and nepotism, Rahul Gandhi is actually weakening the party. Further the alliance parties are also sceptical of congress party under its dynast who is nothing but a Bermuda triangle.

The determined mother may easily win in making her son the president of congress party again but will she win in making her son, prime minister of India is a million dollar question. Congress mukt India is necessary as long as congress party does not want to mukt itself from the pariwar.

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