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When ignorance and illiteracy sandwich Shri Rahul Gandhi

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Cheap and illiterate politics of the dynast of the congress party is not only hurting India but also is hurting the age old national party in India called Indian National Congress.

Soon after the Nobel Prize in economics was announced and one of the recipients of the award is an Indian, Abhijit Banerjee, before even congratulate him and express our pride over his victory, the dynast Raghul Gandhi tweets and wants to drag him to his dirty politics by saying he only framed NYAY for the party. Just to tell people about his association with the Nobel laureate to score some browning point during election season he drags the Nobel laureate.

People of India are extremely curious to know from Rahul Gandhi whether he would also show the same level of zeal and zest to say Mr. Christian Mitchel, the middleman in Augusta Westland was also associated with his family and party? Will Rahul Gandhi admit his party’s association with many other scamsters and looters like Nirva Modi with him he gave a photo shoot which was revealed by none other than his onetime close aid, Sheshzad Poonawalla. 


Recently one article was appeared in ‘The Print’ under the title “Three reasons Sonia Gandhi should make one last sacrifice for congress”,

In the article, it is said that one very prominent and important congress leader close to the pariwar has said that Sonia Gandhi must abdicate her putramoh (abysmal love for her son to become PM and president of congress party) and only then the party would survive.  Will the dynast Rahul Gandhi proudly admit that the congress leader who made such statement is also closely associated with him?

According to the essence of the article published in the ‘The print’, Sonia Gandhi is going the way the blind Dridarastra has gone in Mahabharata, with his wretched son Duryodhana and his brother-in-law Shakuni.


What ails India today is the dynastic politics, politics of negativity, nepotism, corruption and sycophancy. Like an immature child, the dynast is trying to make claims even on the Nobel Prize winner Abhijit Banerjee. Thanks, Raghul Gandhi did not say he only guided Abhijit Banerjee to get such prize.

Would the dynast Rahul Gandhi also admit the truth that his party when was in power in 1983 had arrested Abhijit Banerjee and put him in Tihar jail for 10 days?

The dynast may remain un-teachable but why no congress men are willing to learn their lesson and limit the services of the dynast as sparingly as possible and limit his exposure as the face of the congress party election hour and avoid disgrace and embracement to the party.  Neither proper political wisdom, nor civility and decency in public discourse are known to the dynast. The dynast is seriously affected by the disease called Modi-phobia and whatever he sees around him he believes, are the creation of Modi and hence he constantly criticize Modi. This is how Mr. Arvid Kejriwal of AAP, once behaved.


The dynast must realize the truth that the doldrums that we face today in our economy is due to the rampant corruption and NPA of UPA. Our banks were looted in the name of giving loan to several rich business men in the name of loan mela, UPA has ruined our economy. Today Modi is working overtime to recover the money that got looted, prosecute all those offenders and even the dynast is facing litigation in National Herald money laundering case and is on bail.

The recent media revelations show a close link between Mumbai blast mastermind Dawood Ibrahim and the prominent leader of NCP – Praful Patel. Will the dynast take pride in saying his party too had such affiliations? People of India are not fools.  People are experiencing a different India, vibrant India and India with less corruption in bureaucracy and in politics, there is no policy paralysis, most of the departments are responsible and accountable, there is no nepotism, promotion of dynastic politics and sycophancy.

People of India must stay united under our great cultural and traditional identity called Hinduism, must render unconditional support Modi to make India great, honest and corruption free.

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