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Recent poll outcome, यथा राजा तथा मंत्री (Yeda Raja Thatha Mantri) spirit BJP legislatures must follow

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The recent assembly election in Maharashtra and Haryana sends out a clear message to all those MLA’s, MP’s and Ministers in BJP government in different states to follow the philosophy of

“यथा भूमिस्तथा तोयं, यथा बीजं तथाऽङ्कुरः
यथा देशस्तथा भाषा, यथा राजा तथा प्रजा”

Only then they follow the above philosophy in letter and spirit, India can be saved from the dynastic, corrupt politics, nepotism and minority appeasement of several family establishments and tukde tukde gangs.

PM Modi is a very honest, upright, decisive leader who had committed his life for our nation and sab ka vikas. Amit Shah too is working hard to fulfil all the missions of Modi.

Since Modi is there in the helm of affairs as an open book or a mirror, people always bound to compare the character and performance of most of the BJP MLA’s, MP’s and Ministers with that of Modi. Therefore every elected member of BJP needs to rise above the bar and must equal to Modi at least in honesty and dedication to our nation.   

Although people of India overwhelmingly support PM Modi and Amit Shah, but still the conduct and character of some of the elected members of BJP if not up to the mark or are not satisfied, people may punish them ruthlessly is the message the recent assembly election has shown.

What PM Modi embodify, people would expect from every elected member of BJP in letter and spirit.

With reference to congress party of the dynast, people do not have any doubt because the culture of congress party is promoting corruption, nepotism, dynasty and sycophancy.

But PM Modi represents high values, ethics, honesty and total dedication for the nation and sab ka vikas.

If some of the elected members of BJP fails to uphold the values of Modi and fails to promote high ideals of BJP, such elected representatives are not just harming BJP but are harming India – Bharat Mata. Bharat Mata is really proud and dignified after several decades of decay due to UPA 1 and 2, thanking Modi, the son of proud India, born and brought up in the soil where Gandhiji and Patel were born, is today leading India. India is marching ahead in several frontiers and not just governance, transformation is taking place in India. Many evil and corrupt forces are being flushed out from their roosting sites due to the impartial measures taken by Modi against all those corrupt forces. Today we are witnessing a gang working at subterranean level against India with anti-Modi politics.

The dynastic forces are trying their best to make a comeback so that the politics of corruption, nepotism and divisive agenda they can be executed and destroy the development and progress of India. Only when India is tormented and fragmented, all such negative forces can remain in power because the formula they apply to come to power is divide and rule.

Whereas PM Modi promote the ethos of unite, integrate the spirit and soul of Indians under one India, promote the sacred culture and tradition of India called Hinduism to integrate India than promote caste system and divide community for vote bank politics that is being promoted by several parties like SP, BSP, DMK, Congress etc.

People of India are closely watching and assessing every elected member of BJP to behave and exhibit the honest leadership of Modi. Need of the hour is that like how Lakshmana who followed Lord Ram to forest with utmost sincerity and duty, every elected member of BJP must follow Modi in letter and spirit.

India can be saved and prospered only by BJP and Modi-Amit Shah combination. Therefore all those follow Modi must follow the leadership style and honest character of Modi.

No one really bothers about opposition parties or the dynast these days. BJP is seen as party of honesty, development and sab ka vikas. Therefore any deviation or failure from BJP, people will not tolerate because they want BJP to remain honest and truthful. People also have kept a high standard for BJP due to Modi. Therefore every elected member of BJP is expected to showcase both desh-bhakti and Modi-Bhakti (be honest and committed to the cause).

India wants BJP and Modi to take our country to new heights of progress and prosperity. We must thank PM Modi for making our Bharat Mata proud and dignified; UPA government has tormented the reputation of India so badly due to several scam allegations and the best among them was 2G scam where DMK was alleged to have involved in the same.

Let us save India and ensure corruption free governance and governance free of nepotism and dynastic politics by supporting Modi and Amit Shah.

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