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Was Sonia Gandhi excited or perplexed, sycophants have a different story for you

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The blatant admission of the leader of congress party in parliament Mr. Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury about whether the point of debate on scrapping of article 370 is an internal matter or an international matter has taken the party to the greatest heights of joke and ignorance.

It is so unfortunate that the congress party has exposed its Achilles point that it is not limited to its heels alone but is distributed throughout its body. Even if the congress leader has not prepared well but wants to follow the party line and oppose BJP, PM Modi, Amit Shah and the move to paralyze article 370, how the congress leader can raise his doubt whether the issue is internal or international?

What is the real understanding of the congress party about India?

But the other interesting twist of the tale is that the sycophants however want to protect the dynast and his mother Sonia Gandhi and squirrely wants to shift the entire blame on Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury.

To any untutored eyes, Sonia Gandhi’s initial expression to the question of Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury whether the matter is internal or international, looks excited full of happiness. It looks like Sonia Gandhi was excited by the debate and oratory skills of Adhir Ranjan. But the self-goal put by Adhir Ranjan to congress party was quickly noticed and catapult by Honourable Home Minister Shri Amit Shah and questioned how congress party can afford to ask such question and speak the line of separatists and Pakistan. Such question of Amit Shah only looks like had woken up Sonia Gandhi from a state of excitement to a state of perplexity. Until then the expressions of Sonia Gandhi was like she had not noticed the self-goal of Adhir Ranjan and how ignorant he was in participating the debate without any understanding about the subject. 

The sycophants want to shield both the dynast and his mother Sonia Gandhi that they were very upset at the ignorance of Adhir Ranjan and do not endorse his statement. The best part of the issue is that until our Honourable Home Minister Amit Shah punctures hole in the point of congress party, neither Adhir Rajan nor Sonia Gandhi was aware of the implications and consequences of the above statement and how ignorant was congress about Shimla agreement signed by Indira Gandhi the then prime minister of India and the first dynast of Nehru-Gandhi family.

Shimla agreement clearly defines what is internal, bilateral and international explicitly which the congress party guided by the dynast of today appears to have no clue about.

The problem of congress party is not just ignorance, lack of preparedness or casual approach towards politics but indeed the real problem of congress party is its entitlement. Most of the leaders of the congress party are dynasts of first or second or third generation. All of them have come to power due to entitlement and so was Nehru – Gandhi family that ruled India so long.  

Reality of the present day Indian politics is hard to comprehend for the congress party as the party is so intoxicated by its entitlement politics. Besides that, the members of the congress party is also so bound to the ethos of sycophancy and it appears they can even live for months to years without breathing or food but cannot live even for a day without praising the family. 

No one wants to blame the family for the catastrophe in parliament but wants to blame Adhir Ranjan and protect the dynast and his mother. They want to redefine the excitement of Sonia Gandhi as dismay and disapproval because such redefinition suites well to promote the glory and intelligence of the family.

It is so unfortunate that the party that ruled India for so long has reduced to this level because of its hatred for PM Modi and BJP. Hate Modi and embrace entitlement politics which is sandwiched by ignorance, inefficiency, dynastic culture etc., are eroding the congress party from within. The enemy of congress party is not outside but is present inside the party.

Look at the way several new generation congress leaders have reacted to the scraping of article 370. Most of them welcomed it. India as a whole welcome the bold stand taken by PM Modi and so are the people of J&K and Ladhak. When India progress and prosper, congress wants to pull the country to black hole of regressive politics and minority appeasement.

PM Modi and Amit Shah have already entered the history by changing the political narratives of India towards development, sab ka vikas and one India. Every Indian should offer their unconditional support to PM Modi to make India a great land and eliminate all dynastic political parties and tukde tukde gangs that wants to destabilize India.

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