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BJP – the centre of excellence in leadership mentoring versus sycophants, dynasts and punkah coolies

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What makes the BJP different from other political parties in India?

This question should be asked not only by the citizens of India but also by the premier business schools like IIM (Indian Institute of Management) and other big corporates.

BJP is not just a political party like congress or DMK where the party is owned by a family and only those scratch the back of the one family alone can become prominent in the party.

BJP is a big institution or school of excellence in leadership formation and making great statesmen and patriots for our nation, in true sense BJP is the collective voice, ethos and soul of Indian culture and plurality. Narendra Modi contested last election not just for political victory but to have another opportunity to develop India and achieve sab ka vikas. Whereas other political parties including that of the dynast contested election to defeat Narendra Modi and grab power may be to loot the nation.

To sum up in simple definition, most of the other political parties in India are like different species of herbivores animals gathered under a tree during intense heat of the day or during heavy down pour. Most of political parties are represented by people who worship and praise one family (example – Congress, DMK, SP, JDS) for power and position. The sycophants and coolies fight for power are unlikely to have any passion or vision for the nation.

The speech of Tejasvi Surya, one of the youngest and first time Members of the Parliament from BJP is the best example for how BJP is mentoring leaders for our nation.

Tejasvi Surya showed extraordinary leadership wisdom, respect and dignity to the house, immense maturity to the nation, humbleness and humility, vastness in knowledge ……..and what not.

The subsequent speakers in the Parliament were from DMK such as Dayanidhi Maran, TR Balu etc. The way they spoke, clarity they infused, meaning of the speech etc., were so rotten and that cannot be rated in any scale even a nursery teacher.

During the motion to thank the President of India, Dayanadhi Maran was making statements about how corrupt is the present AIADMK government in Tamil Nadu. The bizarre irony is that Dayanadhi Maran himself is facing several charges of corruption and misuse of power when he was Telecom Minister in UPA 2. Further such references were meaningless in Parliament as the time allotted was for thanking the President.

Let us reflect the speech of Amit Shah. He is the true reference point for Karma (responsibility) and Ghana (wisdom). Hard work and in-depth wisdom are the hallmark of Amit Shah. He is just a few years senior to the dynast of congress party. Whenever Amit Shah speaks, he gives data, micro details, facts, evidences and not rhetoric and statements which are far from truth like the dynast of the congress party.

It is not the position of Home Ministry has made Amit Shah great; it is Amit Shaw who had made the post of Home Minister, great, powerful and dynamic.

On the other hand Narendra Modi, the most revered leader, a leader known for his personal honesty and integrity, a leader committed his life fully for development of the country and sab ka vikas, a leader who have taken this avatar to eliminate corruption, nepotism and dynastic culture in India politics has no reference and comparison.

Narendra Modi is the future, fortune and blessings of India.

BJP is not just a political party but a school of excellence in leadership building. Most of the MPs of BJP won under the dynamic leadership of PM Modi are great leaders or leaders in making. On the contrary, most of the opposition people lack leadership quality, vision, wisdom or statesmanship. The way they speak, the irrelevant issues they make, without reflecting the corruption allegations against them they shamelessly dares to accuse others as corrupt etc., India is watching all those law makers.

The characteristic speech of some of the DMK MPs were disgusting and denigrating all civility and parliamentary principles.

The speech of Amit Shah as Home Minister in Parliament proves that he always speaks with complete understanding, knowledge and facts that are completely verified. Amit Shah thoroughly exposed how the separatists in J&K are forcing the schools and colleges in J&K to shut while they send their children study in foreign countries.

The 2019 is a remarkable year for India because people of India have elected Narendra Modi with decisive majority. Modi’s government is the government of performers, leaders, visionaries, statesmen and people with remarkable knowledge and commitment. People of India have shown highest level maturity and political acumen in electing BJP and PM Modi than tukde tukde gangs or the dynast to promote nepotism and corruption in the recent election.

People of India must offer an unconditional support to Narendra Modi to take more bolder and decisive structural reforms in India. People should completely reject all opposition parties and tukde tukde gangs and must recognize the truth that BJP and PM Modi alone can lead India to great heights and fulfill the dreams and aspirations of Indians.

S Ranganathan

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