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Anti-Hindu pathogens want to destroy India and Hinduism – save India, elect Modi

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People of India must understand the ground truth that several the so called secular parties, Tukde Tukde gangs and Khan market gangs are really working overtime to divide India by infusing disharmony between Hindus and other religions. Through such division, the dynastic parties think that they can achieve near permanent patronage of minority community. Along with the support from small fraction of Hindus and complete support of minority communities they can remain in power, unchallenged.

To achieve the above goal, they are constantly abusing Hindus and Hindu culture. Hindus are tolerant, compassionate, forgiving and even accept the differences and diversity. The philosophy of RSS and political culture of BJP are the best examples for tolerance and sab ka vikas polity. Knowing fully well about the patience and tolerance of Hindus, several political leaders by way of opposing Modi are abusing Hindus. What they are actually attempting to do is to provoke and intimidate Hindus and pushing Hindus to extreme reactions in order to milk their political dividend out of some unrest between Hindus and other religions.

Minority appeasement politics and politics of abusing Hindus are the two approaches the dynastic parties are practicing in India to sow the seeds of destruction and danger to our religious harmony and peace. The world is defining terrorism as an extreme act that does not have any caste, colour and religion. That is why even when several Islamic organizations engaged in global terrorism are described as Islamist terrorism and not Islamic terrorism as such description would unnecessary affect the good temperament of several innocent Muslims.

The extreme appeasement politics of Kamal Hassan calling Godse to be the first Hindu terrorist is meant more to affect the peace and harmony of Tamil Nadu. Rajiv Gandhi was killed by Sri Lankan Tamils in Tamil Nadu. Does that allow us to describe entire Tamil people as terrorist? Indira Gandhi was killed by two Sikh body guards. Does that mean the entire Sikh community as terrorists? Several People from Christian religion like Charles Sobraj etc., had engaged in several heinous activities and murders. Does that mean we can call all Christians as terrorists?

Abusing Hindus is not the first time happening in India. Congress party coined Hindu terrorism and persecuted Sadhvi Pragya and Swami Assemandnda, which the entire world knows.

Along the side of abusing Hindus, minority appeasement is also quite rampant among most of the political parties and especially the congress party of the dynast-naamdaar. The Tukde Tukde gangs are fueling unrest and hatred among Hindus and other religions and are intimidating Hindus by abusing Hinduism. If any violence or untoward incident occurs, these minority appeasing parties can milk the situation.

In the last 5 years India has grown significantly, developed in several frontiers and achieved great heights in economic stability and better quality of life among people living in rural India under extreme poverty.

Secularism in India would survive only if Modi continue in power and not the party of the dynast or tukde tukde gnags. For them, power to loot and power to fool people is more important than the nation and therefore they may not mind pushing the country to any extreme situation by abusing Hindus and fueling religious animosity. On the one side they are branding BJP as Hindu party and at the other end they are abusing Hindus and appeasing minority. It looks like the dynast and other tukde tukde gangs want to destroy Hinduism completely so that they can act as dalals of certain missionaries and facilitate conversion of innocent people to different religions for some tips and coolie.

Hinduism is under siege. People of India, irrespective of their religious affiliations must join together and must support Modi to save India. All Indians were Hindus once and even today they follow several Hindu tradition and cultural practices. Hinduism is the identity, ethos and culture of India. The people with hybrid gene and their punkah coolies cannot understand the sacredness of Hinduism, for the punkah coolies, only the tips and coolie matters and nothing else.

Modi is working hard to achieve sab ka vikas and several schemes of Modi had benefited minority the most than Hindus because the vision of Modi is for development and prosperity of everyone in India. Providing equal opportunity to all and integrating everyone in building New India is the mission of Modi. The New India as envisaged by Modiji belongs to Indians and not just of Hindus. 

More than Hindus understand and recognize their Hindu identity, the people of other religions must recognize and accept the universal truth that they were Hindus once and as long as they live in Hindustan, they are Hindus in broader sense and the religion that they chose to follow and practice like Islam, Christianity etc., are only the recent events.

Like people say they are American citizen, British national, Russian etc., Indian are Hindus at the philosophical and cultural level. The above sense of oneness, patriotism and spiritual unification of people with their original and authentic identity called Hinduism alone can make India prosperous and wealthy. 

It is like how important is human values to live in the society than the name, so is Hinduism. The religion like Islam, Christianity etc., that they follow are like the name and the Hinduism is like the humanity or the larger identity of Indians as a whole.

When people join together to build New India by electing Modi and defeating all divisive forces and gangs that spread negativity and hatred, India shall prosper. Modi alone can save India and therefore save India, elect Modi should be the mantra people must chant, practice and spread in the society.

Kamal Haasan is both the vector and pathogen of religious harmony and prosperity. Let us isolate such poison ivy through ballot paper. Let us save India by electing Modi with massive support.

Chowkidar Ranganathan


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