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2019 elections – The clash of ideologies

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Arun Jaitely wrote a blog a few days back saying that this elections would be a clash of ideologies and went on to describe the two choices India had. I agree with his assertion that “2019 is indeed a clash of ideologies”.

What are the ideologies that are trying their luck in the political arena? To put it simply the clash is between the views that on one side we have the view that “India was born in 1947” while on the other side we have the view that “India is a 5000 old civilization that got self-rule in 1947”.

Those who believe “India was born in 1947” are a mix of different ideologies and interests. We have the leftists who believe in “religion is afeem for the masses” and claim themselves secular while practicing hate for the majority religion and appeasement for the minority religion.

We also have the Socialists in this mix who believe in the teachings and ideas of Ram Manohar Lohia but love to live a lavish lifestyle with multiple Lamborginis, SUVs to choose from when they want to go in the midst of the public to deliver their message of socialism. Their idea of upliftment is to make hundreds of statues of themselves and their party symbols or to damage and take away anything of worth when forced to vacate their plushy Rajmahals.

Then we have the fundamentalists and “distortionists” who believe in radical ideas or false history. We have the parties which are more closer to ISIS in their ideology than the Indian ethos. We also have the parties which believe in mythical Indo-Dravadian divide.

And finally we have the Dynasts led by the big names of the Grand Old Party. They believe that it were they who freed India in 1947 and thus should be regarded as the First Family of India. Indians should be grateful for whatever crumbs these Kings and Queens throw towards them and bow down in their reverence every moment of the day. Indians should stop wasting time on Hindu Gods, Sufi Saints, Sikh Gurus, Buddhist and Jain Monks; and should accept that they are the only ones who are worth worshiping. In any case, they are the “bhagyavidhatas” of all Indians. No one can succeed, survive or even live without their graciousness.

On the other side, we have the ideology that “India is a 5000 year old civilization”. It says that India is not merely a piece of land as seen by the lot mentioned above but a culture that is custodian of the oldest surviving civilization of the world. India is our motherland rather than just being another sovereign country among hundred others. They consider everyone living in this spiritual land as Hindu/Indian first and any other identity later. The people are connected to each other through teachings, ideas and ancestors dating back to more than 5000 years.

It does not believe in special treatment of anyone based on their caste, religion or community but wants to empower everyone to achieve their aspirations and goals. It believes in speaking the truth, even if its uncomfortable, and taking on problems head on rather than to let it linger forever. The practitioners of this ideology have been branded “communal”, “Bhakts”, “saffron goons”, but they never deviated from their path or ideology.

Wearing the insults as a badge of honor, they kept raising their voice in a hostile environment waiting for a leader who will take their truth to the masses and make people see for who they actually are rather than what they have been portrayed as by the ecosystem that has been cultivated and nurtured since many decades. They were rewarded for their patience, hard work and dedication in 2014.

So these are two choices in front of India. One, who wants to serve their self-interest while fooling the people in the name of poverty; who regard India as a mere piece of land; who would not hesitate in taking support of anti-India forces if it helps their selfish, greedy, unquenchable thirst of power and money. And, on the other, who consider themselves custodian of this great ancient land of knowledge, the land of seekers. Who have proved in last 5 years that “power is not poison” if it is used as an instrument of social change.

We have seen the India one side has built in last 70 years. And we have also seen the glimpse of India that can be built going forward in these last 5 years.

I think the choice seems very simple.

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