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Ram Janmabhoomi beyond law and politics

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The Ram Janmabhoomi movement has always been touted as a political phenomenon by the mainstream media and considered as merely a land dispute by the judiciary. Additionally we have the liberal intelligentsia in this country that will put forth frivolous and superficial proposals like building a hospital, school etc. at the disputed site instead of a place of worship. I believe there are two sorts of people who will suggest something like this: (a) those with ulterior motives; or (b) ignorant individuals pretending to be intellectual. These are the kind of people who will not give away even an inch of their own property/land for a good cause but they expect others to do so.

This issue only has two facets: (a) scientific; and (b) cultural. The scientific issue has been discussed in detail by the Archaeological Survey of India in its findings and only those with specific technical expertise should delve into this matter. As per my knowledge the findings of ASI are in favour of Hindu petitioners. But the real controversial issue out here is the cultural aspect which I believe is not given a serious consideration by the educated people of this country. Most of us parrot the line of the intellectual elites in demanding a hospital or a school on the disputed site.

It is imperative to realize and understand that the demolition of Ram Mandir by the barbaric invaders is a piece of culture and history that we have lost in the most brutal fashion and it is essential to regain it if we wish to progress as a nation. If we look into the matter from a proper perspective it will clearly show that the Hindu petitioners are not demanding to build a Ram Mandir but rather demanding to rebuild the Ram Mandir. It is my belief that if it were to happen we could see commencement of a Hindu renaissance in this country which is much needed at the present time. This issue cannot be seen from a trader mentality to simply calculate the profit and loss arising from it. This issue pertains to a cultural narrative and not a balance sheet.

I have no hesitation in stating that the demand of Sunni Waqf Board reeks of arrogance and intimidation. It is on similar lines to how the political parties and separatists in Kashmir deploy arm twisting tactics to get what they want. The Babri Masjid holds no religious importance to them but there certainly is a cultural aspect behind their demand. It is an extravagant display of exhibitionism and further an attempt to insult Hindus and Hindu culture.

During all the discussions that I have seen w.r.t Ram Janmabhoomi movement on television or internet I have come across another ridiculous proposition. This proposition is often put forth by those who our media would like to term as “right wing”. They state that Hindus should get the disputed land for rebuilding the Ram Mandir and in return Muslims should be given a piece of land somewhere else to build a large and lavish mosque with government assistance and funds. This is by far the most ridiculous proposition that I have heard.

Anyone proposing such an idea has no understanding of the issue and is willing to bend backwards just to “settle” the issue. It is like suggesting that in case my land is illegally grabbed by someone and if I want it back I will have to arrange a land somewhere else for the illegal occupant. Is this settlement or extortion? We should remember that in such a deal the illegal occupant will always come out as the winner. We are a democratic country where the rule of law should prevail and not the rule of compromise.

Lastly I would like to reiterate that rebuilding of Ram Mandir at the disputed site is extremely critical for a Hindu renaissance in this country. We should remember that the destruction of Ram Mandir was more than just material damage to a property. It was destruction of cultural heritage and a symbol of subjugation. I am by no means suggesting that Hindu renaissance should mean exclusion of other communities or faiths in India. But we need a cultural identity for Indians so that we can understand what it means to be an Indian and that cultural identity has to be Swadeshi.

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