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Barbarization of the Hindu: Why I take offence to micro aggression

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The human evolution has been fraught with barbarism. The most expansive tribe is generally the most powerful, and the most unforgiving. As homo sapiens monopolized the leadership of the world, several thousand species of flora and fauna were either enslaved or wiped off as per convenience. We domesticated the species we wanted like the wheat, the millet, the rice. And we eliminated what we called the weed or unwanted, those species that threatened our chosen ones. This elimination of ‘other useless’ species was the outcome reserved for many closer species to us like the Homo habilis (“handy” man), Homo erectus (“upright man”), Homo neanderthalensis (the Neanderthal), The Denisovans etc.

This is not to say that they were not used to aid in the betterment of our own, because indeed scientific studies and DNA results have proved beyond doubt that we inherit more from these other human species than we credit them for. Hence our ancestors may have used the species to their will, procreating, but killing and eliminating them.

Hence, scientifically, Some of the worst human excesses and carnages in history have been a result of dehumanisatiom of the ‘other’. Within our homo sapiens itself, the most powerful and expansive tribes or religions or culture are the one that can best dehumanise the other. The white man’s burden or later the Jihadi conviction of civilizing the savages, the bringing of light (noor) to the barbarians (Jahil) or God to the pagans (kafir) has been an ongoing project for past many centuries. Colonization, slavery, witch hunts, apostasy and inquisitions, Holocaust, crusades and indeed other such savagery was committed in the name of righteous virtues of their times.

One of the most important reasons for extinction of the indigenous tribes has been credited to the shame and self disdain that a calculated campaign inflicted on the natives. The victim society is brainwashed to distance itself from it’s own moorings and hence are lost to history.

The Europeans landed in the Mount of Kenya region around 1900 or so. The Kikuyu or the Embus, in about 100 years, would renounce their God Ngai, and the ways of their ancestors and embrace the way of the new Lord. The fearless Masai who could fight a lion with his bare hands would embrace the suit and the church and renounce his fathers as barbarians. What physical fight would the Europeans have won against the mighty Masai, if they hadn’t willingly killed their own culture? Would they have done it one fine day? No, it would have been inculcated by several micro aggressions. The Mayans and the Aztecs and the assorted red Indian tribes with their unique connection to the cosmos would renounce their historical ways and assist the Europeans in the destruction of their own ecology, and be wiped out eventually. All because they failed to read the micro aggressions and brainwashing being carried out in the name of some virtue or the other.

This has happened for several 1000 generations before us, and it continues to this day. The last frontier of the marauding monotheists has been the Oriental, the cradle of civilization which cannot be summarily sacked. The march of invasions and external ravages of Bharata through the last 750+ years has been well documented. Their temples were demolished, their women taken, their customs mocked, their festivals banned. They had to pay jazia and pilgrimage tax only to remain as they did all these centuries in their own forefathers lands. Many gave way and converted to avoid the humiliation of everyday living. Yet some brave men and women of Bharata refused to turn over and die, or convert.

The clash of the civilizations continue in this last frontier. This happens Every day and every time you see a news item mocking the ways of the pagans. The preachy HUL ads on Kumbh or Holy are just a minor addition to a series of aggressive dehumanisation of the native pagans who had been given the name ‘Hindu’ by it’s victors.

The HUL advertisement for Red Label labelled Hindus as people who would abandon their own parents. The ad explicitly claims Kumbh as the place where this is done. Never mind that millions of Hindus go to the Kumbh to actually pay respects and remember their ancestors – both known and unknown.

A new HUL advertisement is a case in point. Don’t you ever cringe at the stereotyping of our popular media? The sexualisation of child actors and performers gyrating to raunchy numbers? The skull cap and the burqa on toddlers? The unnecessary mazhabization of innocent childhood? Trust Lowes Lintas to do all that and more on this cringe inducing advertisement for Surf Excel.

The ad shows a poor harassed Muslim boy on Holi who naturally has taken refuge with a Hindu girl. The advertisement focuses on the Muslim need to remain clean in the filth of the Holi festival as the Hindu girl acts as his shield, and delivers him safely and without daag to his Mosque. Obviously the prayer in mosque was much more important than an important festival like Holi for the creators. Islam prevails over the dirty Hindus in the end, fully aided and egged on by the over friendly Hindu nymph. Also, the catchline then says Daag achche hain alluding to the unclean Hindus and their barbaric custom of colours in this Holi.

The ad can be seen here: Priya Nair, the HUL director specifically mentions “Holi is one of our biggest festivals, celebrated with much fanfare across the country. However, in the midst of the fun and revelry, one can often forget the true spirit of the festival.” It is the private enterprise HUL’s burden to re educate Hindus about their festivals and their” true meanings? Who did they consult to find the true spirit of Holi? Who has sponsored their new crusade about re defining the “spirit” of Hindu festivals?

Such preaching and virtue signalling is reserved for Hindus as a community. No single brand has demonstrated to wish a Hindu a Happy Diwali Or a Happy Holi with “no strings attached”. The wishing of a Hindu festival is always a qualified statement. This is a deeply offensive ploy that is regularly and specifically employed on the Hindu community which has these preachy one liners appended and yet are expected to loosen their purse strings for the offenders. The idea is always to dehumanise the Hindu and remind them of their barbaric pagan ways. Diwali disturbs the neighborhood dog, Holi disturbs the clean Namazi, Rakhi disturbs the feminists, Dussehra is a celebration of violence and Durga Puja is a racial anti Dalit festival.

A few hundred or thousand Hindus will agree and denounce the exact victims the ads demonstrate as unclean (दागी), barbaric and impure. Victims shall be shamed, and anyone sensitive to their concerns raising their thoughtful characterisation as savages would be labelled “communal”, or whatever other fancy labels the soldiers of liberal jehad heap on their adversaries nowdays. This labelling shall be used as further proof of Hindus being responsible for their own downfall because they dared to show pride where none needs to exist. There have been umpteen attempts to paint the Hindu festivals as uncultured by the gang of Hinduphobes, the last time they wished Holi they implored the barbarians to conserve water, and then accused revellers of sexual agrraion or even seen filled balloons, all of which was concocted to shame the innocent Hindu for his customs.

What you should do in such a situation? I don’t really know. I presume the one thing we can do at this time is to smile, and be brave. To Call out the bigots and then participate in the biggest clash of ideals that you can be a soldier of… The Elections…. Because your fore fathers have not sacrificed any less for you to remain a Hindu and be able to still retain a voice, however small. Make sure you vote in a Hindu government if you’re on this side of the civilizational war.

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