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Karnataka Elections – As things stand today, it seems like a tough battle for Congress

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After 2014 India has entered a phase that each and every election is important and the liberal media use it to their advantage to create a halo as if they all are cliffhangers.

But if we study the people thoughts and understand the ground realities we can find out that its not that dead heat as projected by liberal media.

The same story which liberal media used in 2017 Uttar Pradesh election, they are trying it out in Karnataka. They created an image as if CM Siddaramaiah is so strong that none of the leaders can ever defeat him.

Now let us see what are all the signals the electorate is giving on the ground for this election

1. Rural distress:

There is a huge rural distress. In most of the rural areas water scarcity has increased and in turn, it is affecting the livelihood of people. So there is huge anti-incumbency against Congress in rural areas

2. Vokkaliga Backlash:

As like seasoned politician Former PM Deve Gowda is now fighting not for winning the election but for defeating Siddaramaiah. Deve Gowda family on the ground has united vokkaligas as like the era of the 90s and which in turn has made sure that the most of vokkaligas think Siddaramaiah as a betrayer.

3. United Lingayats:

Lingayats think Congress is playing electoral politics in their name. First time in the history of Karnataka, Lingayats have come out of the influence of mutts and education institutions. Even Congress has got the signals that they are unable to break the Yeddyurappa’s hold on lingayats, so they stopped mentioning about minority religion status as election date is closing on.

4. Approaching Tribal Communities:

BJP has slowly and steadily approached tribal communities as a separate block as like Tripura and also they are grooming the leaders from their communities.One such approach is giving unprecedented space and access for B.S.Sreeramulu who is from Tribal Nayak(Naik) community. Surely this election is going to change the leadership equation within BJP by creating a new set of leaders who are going to take ideological legacy for another few decades.

5. Islamic Jihad:

Hindus in coastal Karnataka are slowly realising the aggression of Islamic elements under Congress rule. In Coastal Areas RSS is working in two prolonged approach one is taking forward the development mantra and another one is making sure people remember the Islamic onslaught on common people.Congress only banks on Minority votes in the coastal area.

6. Infrastructural Woes:

Bengaluru electorate is fed up with infrastructural woes and they lost faith in the leadership of all parties. Even Rahul Gandhi’s visits did not create any enthusiasm among the people. The only leader who has not yet campaigned is PM Modi. Still, there is a lot of scope for the PM to capture the imagination and providing hope for the electorate of Bengaluru city.

7. CMs influence on OBC Communities:

Sangh Parivar is struggling hard to break the influence of CM on OBC Communities. Eshwarappa is not enjoying the faith as like CM on OBC Communities. Sangh Parivar has to really work hard on creating new leaders among OBC Communities

8. Old Mysuru Region:

Old Mysuru region still trusts JD(S) more than BJP and Congress. BJP has left the battle field wide open for a fight between JD(S) and Congress.

9. Develoment Mantra:

Youths are still carving for a leader who can genuinely speak abt developmental issues. PM Modi’s charisma can be a game changer.

10: Booth level connectivity:

Inspite of ruling for past 5 years congress is still struggling to create connectivity in booths among large parts of the state.As of information i have in hand BJP has already completed setting up of its famed panna pramukh and shakti kendra models in most part of the state and they have already started working on their efforts to creating a wave election for BJP.

Things are changing faster and it seems most of Congress heavyweights are fighting solo battles in keeping their seats safer. To be frank, anti incumbency has already started to creep in among the electorate. Seems to be it is going to be a tough election for Congress.

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