Tuesday, July 16, 2024



Congress Karnataka win may spoil opposition unity

Though Mamata Banerjee appreciated H. D. Kumaraswami for JDS performance, she did not drop names of Congress and Rahul Gandhi while congratulating the candidates who secured victory against the BJP.

JDS and Congress, two parasites that bite each other and can only live together -Alliance paradox

To keep the BJP away from power and to defeat the mandate of people of Karnataka, congress party had surrendered its political supremacy before JDS family and agreed to coronate the dynast son of JDS as Chief Minister of Karnataka.

Dear Bangaloreans you have taken us and the state backwards

Hopefully, at least in future elections, the city residents will realise how their apathy has hurt the state

Harassed apartment owners of Bengaluru are an opportunity for the BJP

Aware chief ministers of other states, such as UP and Maharashtra, have acknowledged the housing problem and are taking steps to redress.

And Siddaramaiah scuttles to bring in ‘Development’

People have come to know about K'taka CM's photo-op election centered 'development agenda'.

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