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JDS and Congress, two parasites that bite each other and can only live together -Alliance paradox

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People who have studied microbiology and other allied branches of biological sciences or medicine would understand the difference between a parasite and pathogen. Parasite without causing immediate death of the host would use the host for its survival in different ways for prolonged period of time whereas the pathogen would cause immediate death. The above definition is quite thin but makes sense.

Different habitats of different parasites and their behavioural idiosyncrasies are also known well. But interestingly Indian politics has recently produced a new type of political parasitism (relationship) between two mutually killing and eating parasites and such relationship is not only strange, unique, bizarre kind of mutualism but also is dangerous to our nation.

The parasites involved in such mutual relationship may or may not benefit but they can harm the nation completely, push the governance to comatose state, paralyze the administration and can finally destroy the dreams and aspirations people inspired by PM Modi and that is what we witness in Karnataka.

To keep the BJP away from power and to defeat the mandate of people of Karnataka, congress party had surrendered its political supremacy before JDS family and agreed to coronate the dynast son of JDS as Chief Minister of Karnataka. Prior to election, both JDS and congress were parasitizing upon each other, trying to eat others vote bank to win election. Post-election both these parasites agreed to come together just to stop BJP and defeat the mandate of people of the state. Ironically the honeymoon didn’t even survive first night joy and excitement because how two different species of parasites known to parasitize on each other can have a happy and long married life.

But today both the parasites due to their greed for power have lost their habitat and can survive in Karnataka politics hereon only by parasitizing upon the other. It means, congress cannot survive in Karnataka without JDS and vice versa. People of the state are sick and tired of these two parasites destroying the state.

We should not look at this political parasitism in an isolated manner and limit the problem to the state of Karnataka alone. Imagine if coalition government has been formed by different species of parasites in India for power and to loot the nation, what would have happened to the country?  People have given a massive and decisive mandate to PM Modi and BJP and saved India from all those parasites.

The political parasitism happening in Karnataka must be expanded by all supports of PM Modi and the message of how dangerous is such alliance formed by different parasites to the state as well as to the governance must be taken to different parts of India.

It is time we must create awareness among people of India that people are the ultimate leaders in democracy and who alone can save India by electing BJP and PM Modi. PM Modiji alone can make India a great country, country with no corruption, nepotism, dynastic politics and sab ka vikas.

In nature two different species of parasites which kill and eat each other would never form any relationship like JDS and congress did in Karnataka.

The purpose of such alliance in Karnataka was to stop BJP and defeat the mandate of people.  Therefore such relationship formed by two mutually killing and eating parasites is bound to break. Sooner it breaks, better for India and Karnataka and longer it survives, it is worst and nightmare for Karnataka.

It is well known that why should congress party allow JDS to enjoy the chief minister-ship and that is why the former chief minister of Karnataka Sidharamiah may be encouraging the congress legislatures to re-claim the chief minister’s post to him or other congress leaders instead of JDS having it at the expense of congress party. But JDS having enjoyed such power even with a humiliating mandate and after knowing fully well that congress cannot form government without its support, why should JDS bequeath the CM chair to congress party.

Today congress is in a fix, neither congress party can kill JDS nor can allow JDS to continuously parasitize congress party and enjoy power. From the point of view of JDS, congress party is an excellent host for JDS to parasitize. Further congress has only voluntarily walked into the trap and it was not JDS that had gone to congress and begged for such alliance. If congress party re-parasitize JDS, JDS becomes victim and if JDS is allowed to parasitize the congress party, congress would be wiped out from Karnataka.

The evil and nefarious politics of congress party and its senseless greed for power and unreasonable hatred towards PM Modi, congress party had willingly hijacked the mandate of people of the state. All karma has its reward and what congress receives today is its own karma. Unfortunately the people of Karnataka are also made to pay heavy price for voting JDS and congress party. The shabby theatrics of JDS and congress in Karnataka must awaken Indian electorates to give their mandate decisively to BJP and PM Modi and only then India can be saved.

Regional parties are bane to our country and therefore people of every state must develop the spirit and feeling of one nation, one election, one ration card, one culture, one political party – BJP and one leader PM Modi. Let us save India by lending our unconditional support to PM Modi and let us also be conscious to defeat all regional forces from Indian politics.

S Ranganathan

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