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And Siddaramaiah scuttles to bring in ‘Development’

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Bengaluru: Happenings in and around capital’s political landscape seem to suggest that CM Siddaramaiah has finally woken up from his iconic sleep. Past few days, CM is touring nook & corner of the city & state to inaugurate projects which are far from complete for a photo-op with “Development”.

The story of inauguration by CM and being closed for public the next day: 8-lane Okalipuram signal free corridor has been inaugurated by the CM while the project is only about 65% complete or 6 months from completion. Of the 3 lanes which were inaugurated, one was closed to traffic since there were electrical and civil works to be completed.

The other half-finished projects which CM inaugurated include a multi-level parking facility of which only one floor has been completed, the 920 metre Hennur flyover which after 8 years of construction still had works to be completed before CM inaugurated it. Construction work is still underway for the construction of service road.

Potholes and a model street: The first rains of monsoon in 2017 badly exposed the Bengaluru’s roads. Potholes became a meance. Numerous accidents and a death later Siddaramaiah responded saying ‘Poeple have died due to accidents and not because potholes’. And now, the same person is using images of a 715 metre Church Street road project with hashtags #TransformingBLR, #BengaluruOurPride.

With 2 months left in office, the CM has come up with a vision document NavaKarnataka 2025. All these efforts by the CM to show himself with development seem a mere eye-wash for a person who has been in news for all the wrong reasons – his iconic sleep, poor state of law and order, political violence in coastal Karnataka, Goondaism of his ministers and their sons, the treatment meted out to honest officers, the poor state of roads in Bengaluru etc.

The coming polls would decide whether the people of Karnataka buy these photo-ops of CM Siddaramaiah.

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