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2018 Karnataka Election

Sonia-Rahul’s foreign trip: snubbing Kumaraswamy or setting a trap?

everyone's keen to know the hidden reasons behind this sudden, prolonged and rather curious absence from India

Winners and Losers of the Battle for Karnataka

Who has really won the elections? BJP, Congress, or JDS?

कर्नाटक का जनमत किसके पक्ष में है?

क्या जनता ने कांग्रेस को सत्ता पर काबिज होने के लिए वोट दिया है?

BJP prospects in Andhra Pradesh post-TDP split and bitterness

The BJP could double the tally in Andhra Pradesh by choosing the right candidate.

Why a BJP victory in Karnataka is very crucial for the Hindus

A BJP win is important on many fronts from national integration to Hindu consolidation.

A fictional history of the ‘Dravida Nadu’ nation, when it gets formed


Harassed apartment owners of Bengaluru are an opportunity for the BJP

Aware chief ministers of other states, such as UP and Maharashtra, have acknowledged the housing problem and are taking steps to redress.

And Siddaramaiah scuttles to bring in ‘Development’

People have come to know about K'taka CM's photo-op election centered 'development agenda'.

Congress favoured media, election mode “ON”

How Congress' pet media is putting its blood and sweat by polarizing the country to win them 2019 General Election.

Why BJP may lose Karnataka, once again, in the upcoming 2018 state election

BJP is failing to act as a responsible opposition party. Congress in K'taka is making new blunders every now and then but BJP is so busy in fighting within the party that they have failed to take up this advantage.

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