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Congress favoured media, election mode “ON”

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The hustle for Seven (7) Race Course has just begun between BJP and INC, from cultivating strategy to scuffle through press conferences and theatricals in parliament. Antecedent regime lead by INC seems to be behindhand with disorganized approach and addled blueprint. In such tenacious situation it looks as if their outsourcing partners have shared the burden to keep them in race. INC favouring array of media people and journalist who wrangled against NDA in absence of opposition in past 3.5 years. Task that was outsourced to them by feeble and uncaring INC, possibly due to lack of experience as opposition. A series of campaign has suddenly set to appear in all sort of platform (Print, Online, and Television News Channel) to create adverse ambiance for ruling government and abet INC for Lok Sabha Election 2019.

A collection of news article being circulated, pertaining to “Hung Assembly”. Favouring media is performing their obligation by psychologically communicating misconception to audience that Narendra Modi might be losing appeal and securing win in 2019 will be stiff. And few have propagated the probability of Rahul Gandhi being the next Prime Minister if BJP remains limited to 200 seats, miserably their flight of fancy would not take off.

Another reprehensible attempt was through projecting Mohan Bhagwat address as contempt to dishonour our armed forces. But society observantly didn’t purchase the broadcast, as genuine video of his speech started appearing immediately on social media. And certain news agency took effort in turning the headlines from demeaning him to taking the truth forward, while antagonistically this section of media decided to pause the discussion as they won’t be benefitted. But earlier such attempts directed on Manohar Parrikar and Satyapal Singh have given them positive offshoot where people decided to troll both leaders without hearing the complete original narration.

Coming down to my favourite, RaGa 2.0 and now Congress 2.0. Delusion and illusion have captured this particular section of media that they have decided to abandon the truth and reside merrily under reverie. And this particular section of media is on assignment to make nation believe so. Rather nonce fact is that identity crisis is confronting INC but this segment in busy as a beaver to carve resurrection image in mind of public.

Further substantial testimony could also be gathered from their exercise of decoding 2018 budget from pro-poor to painting it anti-middle class (massive support base of BJP in urban area). Instead of identifying the hindrance and steps to overcome in implementing “ModiCare” which has associated valuable benefits, to pronouncing it flop because previous government were unsuccessful and if it get right INC will have to wait for decade. And many such campaign in race to be the best outsourcing partner of INC is evident by their chauvinistic approach to influence the voters. And unfortunate part of the story is that they blame BJP for polarisation whereas this section of media are already polarised intellectually and continuously trying to extend their version of story to citizens.

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