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Exposing Liberals

Western Right is not Indian Right

Search on internet and see Indian conservatives retweeting and lapping up words of people like Katie Hopkins and whoever says anything against liberals. They may seem supporting our cause only if our cause was going after western liberals and not defending idea of India.

To mock PM Modi, Congress President Rahul Gandhi set a new low for self and ended with self mocking

Childish behavior of Congress President is not only loosing his own credibility but loosing credibility of 125 year old party's credibility too.

Curious case of TrueIndology: Twitter doesn’t grant freedom of expression

Twitter suspends TrueIndology who was unmasking fake narrative fed to Indians for years, showing the mirror to so-called Darabari historians with proofs and facts from known sources, this is what the ecosystem is not used to all this time.

Questions for my liberal friends—Part-I

Trap liberals into their own logic

Predicament of the Indian Pacifists

Surgical strikes one after the other by Gandhi's non-violent India on peace-loving neighbouring nation: An agony of a true liberal intellectual journalist.

What can the common citizen do for Pulwama martyrs?

Some small yet very significant contributions common people of the country can make. Here they are.

No flippant questions on ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’

Questioning Bharat Mata ki Jai slogan, at this age and time by a journalist from a minority community without knowing consequences

Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act wrongly interpreted and explained by a JNU professor

An another selective interpretation of an act by left liberal intelligentsia to malice the incumbent government!

Cutting through Jawahar Sircar’s recent bullshit about Gurupurnima

A befitting reply to the wire's 'Guru Purnima Has Its Roots in Buddhism and Jainism, Not Hinduism'

Congress favoured media, election mode “ON”

How Congress' pet media is putting its blood and sweat by polarizing the country to win them 2019 General Election.

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