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Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act wrongly interpreted and explained by a JNU professor

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A right-wing individual.

While perusing the editorial “Unlawful acts” written by Prabhat Patnaik, a reputed professor of JNU in The Telegraph, I came across his dispensation. It is laudable for a man of such stature to speak on Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. Sir is a regular columnist for The Telegraph and I appreciate his intellect. In his article, he mentioned about the people falsely accused in Bhima-Koregaon case and the stigma a person gets due to police custody. I strongly condemn this unwholesome practice (police custody stigma). At society level, we should eradicate such unethical prejudices prevailing in our mind.

However, when seen through a different prism, his article seems biased. Prima facie it appears that the accused concerned or urban naxals as called by populace share a common ideology with the petitioner (Romila Thapar and four others including him). Also, the university he belongs to is known as a citadel of communism or leftist ideology. His assertions are justified only in his realm.

We need to understand that every system has lacunae but that doesn’t befit the whole system as corrupt or failed one. For instance, Somalia is called a failed state in political parlance but in reality, it is a collapsed state where the government has collapsed and not the state of affairs. Their cheap and efficient telecommunication and mobile payment system i.e., pay by phone for fueling car or others is praiseworthy.

At times, we will find shortcomings in the assessment process; however, that doesn’t mean that the whole system is a fiasco. We also acknowledge the fact that most of the sexually harassed cases filed by woman turn out to be false allegations; however, we don’t doubt the integrity of women because of it. Calling judicial system as rogue penal system and accusing BJP of such misconduct by Prabhat Patnaik is beyond the pale. It shows his biased mindset.

As a true denizen of this proud country or world’s largest democracy, we should possess unbiased temperament and remain unswayed from such tinged perceptions.

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A right-wing individual.
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