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Curious case of TrueIndology: Twitter doesn’t grant freedom of expression

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People who are interested in history and are on Twitter might be familiar with the handle of @TrueIndology. He’s a history passionate and kind person who likes to share the historical facts with sources for the sake of true history to be known to ignorant Indians. Recently he’s in news for getting suspended by Twitter for challenging the fake historians and their ecosystem.

First of all we common Indians don’t know about history and if we know history then it’s that whatever we are fed no matter it’s true or false. We believe that Akbar was great, Babur was a secular man, Aurangzeb used to live on the income by writing books and Indian freedom was given a particular family and by non-violence. History books for school children are filled with chapters on Mughals, Turks, Mongols, Tipu Sultan etc. who are presented to young generation as secular and kind rulers. These books hide the other side of these barbarians that how they destroyed Indian people, killed millions of innocent men, women and children on the name their religion since they were non-believers. They converted people across the country and those who resisted were killed mercilessly, temples were razed across country specially in northern part of India where temples in Kashmir, Somnath temple multiple times, Ram Temple, Kashi Vishwanath temple, Mathura Janmasthan are the major ones.

These fake historians were living the life of kings since there was no one to challenge their authority or to show them mirror. Twitter is known to be a social platform but is best known for it’s left leaning and banning right-wing accounts in India. Here one handle @TrueIndology emerged as a passionate historian who in his own words is a passionate student of Indic history. He has busted fake narrative and stories numerous times on twitter and when he demanded proofs from those fake narrative peddlers he got abuse in return.

It is in public domain that Twitter is also funded by Saudi Arabia, which is known propagator of Wahhabi Islam and for funding terrorism across globe. They can’t tolerate any dissent against them or their rulers which are known by recent Khashoggi episode. There are reports that ecosystem on social media is working to kill this voice of people who want to bring the true face of Islamists by naming it as Islamophobia. These people can’t tolerate anyone showing the true face of Islamists and what their barbarian rulers did to India, how they destroyed Indic civilization and are continuing on this. TrueIndology was unmasking all this fake narrative which were fed to Indian people all these centuries. He was showing the mirror to so-called Darabari historians with proofs and facts from known sources, this is what the ecosystem is not used to all this time. They can’t tolerate anyone busting their lies and challenging their ecosystem.

Twitter just did what is expected from a group who has to save the interest of its stakeholders by suspending the true voice.

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