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Exposing lies of Historians

Was Hindu Temples destruction by Mahmud only for monetary gains?

The question we should ask ourselves – with so many accounts where Mahmud Ghazni's intentions were not only monetary loot but equally (if not more) important to destroy the Hindu civilization - why are there prominent historians amongst us who choose to not only look the other way, but portray a false view of those accounts? By presenting a skewed version of historical events - who are they trying to please?

Mughals are NOT Indians

In this article we analyse whether Mughals were Indians or invaders who stayed because of the vast wealth and resources and also the power it gave them in the Islamic world.

The history of India – a story of distortion by marxists

By interpreting history only on the basis of economic monopoly can not eradicate the wrongdoings which were done based on religion.

The ‘truest’ of indologists

A twitter user True Indology demolishes the lies and false propaganda everyday.

Curious case of TrueIndology: Twitter doesn’t grant freedom of expression

Twitter suspends TrueIndology who was unmasking fake narrative fed to Indians for years, showing the mirror to so-called Darabari historians with proofs and facts from known sources, this is what the ecosystem is not used to all this time.

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