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The ‘truest’ of indologists

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Yesterday was a watershed moment in Indian politics. The BJP literally beat ‘anti-incumbency’, a truly Indian phenomenon and won 30+ seats above the 272 halfway mark, without its allies, that is. No party is complete without its foot soldiers. Every narrative, including our own ‘non-Left’ narrative is built by politicians, academics, media, industrialists, bureaucracy and of course, normal working middle class folk.

But, the truly remarkable ones are the ones without a face, without a name. No glory, no showoff. These are the truest of foot soldiers in any narrative. Their name hardly gets air time in mainstream media. This live in the veil of anonymity for fear of backlash by sick violent elements in society. But in the dead of night, they seek refuge in social media. Debunking lies, exposing academia, finding historical manuscripts, upholding liberal values, indulging in constructive criticism and fighting Adharma.

True Indology is one of them. He recently revealed his identity on Twitter after a few sore losers threatened to dox him. Yes it is a he. Maybe that’s not his picture. Maybe that’s not his face. Maybe it’s heavily photo shopped. It’s inconsequential. I absolutely do not care. My best guess, he is a 20 something lad aspiring for a better tomorrow. Well, so am I. This is where I completely empathise with him. Perhaps, he works for 16 hours in the day and by night, he collects historical scripts, manuscripts, books, pictures, and neatly decks them in that History/Future_Use folder of his hard disk. Then, he navigates to the History/Present folder. Ironically enough, he opens it and smiles contentedly at this mammoth achievement.

He logs onto Twitter next and there begins the demolishment. He starts with the top floor, and words his tweet carefully. After all, he is the product of generations of false narrative. He pioneers to bring accuracy, facts and true history to the table. He first sets fire to the front lawn of the great leftist bungalow. Stage 1. Ego. Who is this? Some pest wreaking havoc in our narrative. How dare he?. Blades of ego light up in the front yard and slowly engulf the beautiful dome shaped door. Stage 2. Power. The inmate, clearly perturbed, uses his political clout to silence Mr Indology. Let me tag a few of my ‘darbari’ friends. They will complain to Jack bhaiyya and soon, this pest will be out.

But this one is relentless. Stage 3. Denial. This time, the fire reaches the stairs and quickly traverses through the curved marble stairs to the inmate’s pathetic excuse of a study. Thick bundles of Wendy Doniger and Irfan Habib, quickly catch fire. Now, the inmate almost compelled to reply, pelts out some well thought out, well polished, well propagated recipe number 16 from the Aryan Invasion theory cookbook. ‘Aha, I have caught you at last’, he says with a smirk on his face. Stage 4. Defeat. The fire quickly consumes everything around the inmate of this palatial mansion. Leave me. Let me go.

He pleads with Mr Indology. No, not so easy. With smug satisfaction, Mr Indology attaches two images from his History/Present folder, and quickly withdraws from the battle. The fire suddenly dies down. The lawn suddenly looks greener than ever and the bungalow is back to its former charm. The only difference becomes clear as the inmate slowly marches into the maze of manufactured narratives, his study. All books, all articles, all unfinished scripts look completely disturbed. As he glances above, his sees his Padma Shri slowly tilting to the left, as the glass on top of it breaks and falls off. Now, he had no award to give back!

This is the story of the greatest tsunami on Twitter, Mr True Indology. Dear, Mr Indology, you, you and only you are the only true winner. I don’t know what you do. I don’t know who you are. Your picture is enough. It moved me as I thought of the fight you fight everyday. Sans support. Sans money. Sans appreciation. What a true warrior you must be. What a true superhero. And wow, so young, alone and brave. May I say, that, you have the silent, complete and dogged support of the masses. The youth. The millennial. The Gen Z. Me.You truly are an inspiration. The sons and daughters of Bharat have fought many a blood war. But you, are the winner today. You truly are.

Like I said before, I completely identify with you.

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