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Chetan Agrawal

I have double Masters degree from the London School of Economics in Management and Public Policy. I have over 12 years of work experience in the field of compensation management and public policy both in India and the United Kingdom. My articles are published in reputed journals.


The story of Indian ‘liberals’ has mostly been one of loud words and selective actions to suit their own narrative. They act as self-appointed messiahs but have themselves become the type of dogmatic cult that they professed they wanted to fight against. It’s apt that we titled this article “ill liberals” because they have clearly been ill for a long time, suffering from the megalomaniacal belief that they are the sole custodian of truth and the gatekeepers of morality and justice stifling every opposing view.

Mughals are NOT Indians

In this article we analyse whether Mughals were Indians or invaders who stayed because of the vast wealth and resources and also the power it gave them in the Islamic world.

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