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What can the common citizen do for Pulwama martyrs?

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What can the common citizen do for Pulwama martyrs?

This has been the question on my mind after the initial heartbreak and the emotions that dominated my thoughts after the news.

Of course, we see the usual suspects in action – the Breaking India forces (the Urban Naxals, Paid Sepoys, Brainwashed Sepoys, most Bollywood and other cinema people except a few, Jihadists, Christian Evangelicals, etc)- the common thread to all of them being that they are Hinduphobes, either for money or for ideological reasons (Jihadists, Christians, etc.). As Bharatiyas who care about country first, we are as usual busy giving responses to their lies, their hypocrisy and all the slander they perpetrate in the media (both social and mainstream media). In effect, what is happening is that Bharatiyas are well and truly falling in to the trap set by the Breaking India forces to divert the news which will eventually ensure that this attack is also whitewashed and that there is no relevant response from the Government.

So, what do we common citizens do?

Well, as a starter, this what I did:

1. Make a payment to the families of our martyrs.
2. Pray:
– for a good place for the Atmas who made the ultimate sacrifice (I mean our brave soldiers, not the terrorist)
– for strength to the families of the martyrs
– to drill down some sense in to our Government to take real actionable steps beyond mere words

What else can we do?

We are all quick to point out what the Government can do, which we should by the way. But what do we do?

1. We should monetarily boycott all the Breaking India forces – because most of them are driven by money and even the ideological ones need money.
2. We should answer clearly with our votes – imagine the plight of our country if these forces come to rule again.
3. We should build memorials for our martyrs so we never forget (it is very easy to move on to the IPL or the next movie or the world cup).

What else can we do for OUR country?

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