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Western Right is not Indian Right

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Since the revocation of article 370, internet is abuzz with articles upon articles and Twitter army is in full-fledged war of accusations and rebuttals and every other flavour of debate and outright trolling.

Mostly Indian conservatives are trying their hard to disprove whatever liberals say about India and its current Govt and not putting their own narrative. This is a very bad strategy and is bound to fail for a simple fact that we are fighting on their terms.

In our quest to dispel the myths about India and disprove left claims in general, we use western far right intellectuals’ words as gospel. In my view this is counterproductive western far right (not conservative) are simply put very bad people and don’t care about India or Indians. I have not come around anyone putting India’s or Indians case forward. Their primary focus is re-establishing white superiority and only that.

You can go on internet and see Indian conservatives retweeting and lapping up words of people like Katie Hopkins and whoever says anything against liberals. They may seem supporting our cause only if our cause was going after western liberals and not defending idea of India. That’s what I mean when I say fighting on liberal terms, as we appear to support outright racists and bigots. We go after irrelevant people and only support western far right and they don’t support our cause in return if it is not strengthening their position i.e. anti-Muslim rhetoric.

This is a colonial hangover where we think if we nice to white conservatives they will be nice in return. You can gauge how much they support Indians, by researching how much white conservatives love Churchill and superiority of western civilisation and some have even suggested that Churchill was the saviour of India, ignoring the facts that he was responsible for death of millions of Indians. Almost all white conservative think we are primitive people and need western civilisation to save us. Enemy of my enemy is my friend, this Chanakya theory stands true in statecraft and very specific goals not in the exchange of ideas.

We must be indigenous in our thought and practice, need to talk and promote our ideas and within the context of India and not needlessly go after western liberals where we look like trying to seek validation from western right. Modi Govt is doing what you would expect from a world power ignoring Pakistan and making it irrelevant in our pursuit of progress and turning it into a mere nuisance rather than a formidable enemy. Govt can support or not support far right Presidents and Ministers in west or in middle east as this is in national interest and basic diplomacy; you will not find our Govt supporting racist and bigots who are irrelevant for our national interest.

Also as Indian right we love the idea of India and what it stand for “Strength in Diversity” this also means keeping our own Govt in check and talk about it whenever it oversteps, we should not be trying to justify whatever some politicians say no matter which party they belong to, and stand up for all Indians, if you think being Indian conservative mean going after any particular community, anyone not from your party and anyone saying anything about Indian problems, then sadly you are not Indian conservative but a party worker or even worse a bigot. Ask yourself if you must lie to support your opinion then you shouldn’t have that opinion.

Fact check liberal claims about Kashmir, lynching’s and economically bad policies of Govt, don’t abuse or make false claims. Put out your thought of how in the world full of Islamic Republics we are not trying to be a Hindu Republic but Hindu way of life society, same way western countries are secular but have Christian way of life. Make your adversaries irrelevant and expose them not make yourself look juvenile and a troll. You may think why I am writing this on a conservative news portal, because as a fellow conservative it is my duty to call out fault in us first before pointing fingers.

Next time I will write that how following and adopting western liberal template, Indian liberals are destroying and impeding our success and hurting the same people they are supposed to help.

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