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Predicament of the Indian Pacifists

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The morning of the 26th. The clock struck ten. The journalist of “The Liar” was still in his bed. He had spent the better part of his night writing an article on “Hindu terror”. At last, he had completed the arduous task, and essentially proved that the Hindu terror was a threat not only to India, but also to the world! Feeling accomplished, he had feasted on the beef curry and went to sleep at the dawn. He enjoyed his early morning siesta.

Suddenly, the phone rang. He fumbled for the receiver, and then answered with a vexed “Allo!”. “Comrade, Lol salaam”, the voice said, “Have you heard the news? The air strikes?”. It took the journalist a while to come to his faculties. Perplexed, he finally replied, “What strikes? Let me get back to you.” He replaced the receiver. “What has the Hindu nationalist govt. done now?”, he fancied. He turned on the TV, scrolled through the news channels, and finally switched to his favourite- DNTV. The news flashed- “Indian jets crossed the LOC and carried out an Air Strike in Pakistan”. Several thoughts raced all at once: “What is the proof?”, “They will win the elections now”, “We want peace!”.

Nervously, he paced up and down in his living room. He was enraged by this act of the extremist Hindu govt pouncing on the peaceful govt of Pakistan! “We are a nation of non-violence, we are Gandhi’s India!”, he murmured. He recalled a wise comment made by a brainy politician, not so long ago: “Gandhi picked up the idea of non-violence from Islam!” And to use violence on a benevolent nation that follows such a noble faith! Shame! He was infuriated. “I must protest this”, he said to himself. He picked up his MacBook, and started typing his new article. The caption read: “Violence is not the answer. Here’s why”.

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