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यूट्यूबर पुण्य प्रसून वाजपेयी ने क्यों कहा की अब १० नेता शीघ्र जेल भेजे जाएंगे

सारे भ्र्ष्टाचारी घबड़ाए हुए हैँ कि कब किसका नंबर आ जायेगा, कब किसको उसके कुकर्मो की सजा मिलेगी ये कोई नहीं जानता, यदि जानता है तो बस एक शख्श और वो हैँ श्री संजय कुमार मिश्रा।

Elon Musk and Adani: A nightmare for the left

Twitter takeover by Elon Musk and Adani becoming NDTV’s major stakeholder: 2022 has been a tough time for Liberals

Is India Today becoming openly partisan?Their Bengal election analysis seems so

Written by Romita Dutta, Associate Editor, her article on the Bengal election results, look far from seeming like an insightful analysis of the elections, the piece reads like a rabid anti-BJP activist’s polemical rant

Why Pradeep Chhibber is wrong on all counts

What Chhibber says is my vigilantism is good but yours is bad.

Karan Thapar lies about his meeting with Jayalalitha

An artful way of promoting oneself at the cost of truth by drawing attention to what he has written even if it is wrong: Their way of Great Journalism!

Is BJP anti-LGBTQ and anti-women?

Its BJP and Narendra Modi govt that supported article 377 and feminism in India.

The politics and commerce of anti-Hindu content in mass media

In the past few years in India, we have come across an unusual situation where a number of mass media outlets seem to be “two timers” as in one branch of the organization will support the nationalist narrative and the other will support the leftist narrative.

People who were suggesting what to do with Mob Lynchers are silent on what to do with Tablighi Jamat!

TV debates are fading day after day after reporters have received threats from supporters of Tablighi. No Media house cares about whether all Tabligis are captured and isolated.

What the Right needs to learn from the Left!

From Bernie Sanders calling it an attack against the Muslim community in the country to India's very own media houses calling it a state-sponsored 'Pogrom', the left has been able to put forward their narrative and most importantly, promote it.

Liberal blindspot: The Log Kya Kahenge syndrome of international media on Kashmir issue

International media’s interest and influence on Kashmir issue is overstated and is equivalent to “Log Kya Khaenge”.

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