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People who were suggesting what to do with Mob Lynchers are silent on what to do with Tablighi Jamat!

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Shailendra Kumar
Technical Architect by Job. Nationalist and rationalist writer on the topics related to common man and India.

I turn on the TV set every morning and tune into all liberal news channels, just to get good news that all 2361 Markaz attendees have been traced and all persons who came into their contact has been isolated. Yes, according to the NDTV news there were 2361 attendees on 22nd March when gates were locked of five-story “markaz” building. TV debates are fading day after day after reporters have received threats from supporters of Tablighi. No Media house cares about whether all Tabligis are captured and isolated. No one knows better than reporters how brutally Kamlesh Tiwari was murdered. Media house knows very well about the murders done in the Charlie Hebdo office in France.

SC used to take Suo moto cognizance on mob lynching incidents, pollution in Delhi and on various topics. Is SC is not worried that many Wuhan Corona virus-positive Jamati is still hidden somewhere in India and spreading Corona? Is NDTV not worried that 50 crore daily wage workers have to go through the long duration of unemployment due to “Lockdown 2.0. Are Congress and other Opposition parties, Kanheya Kumar, Swara Bhaskar are not worried about the pain of the poor people of India?

We are on the dangerous point in the history of India and no one dares to ask the key questions!

Congress , opposition and Gandhis are silent for obvious reasons.

NDTV and so called “Intellectuals” are silent due to obvious reasons.

Mostly law abiding “Bhakts” are also silenced due to strict laws on social media post.

If someone is still speaking freely without any fear are “the most fearful” community of India.

As a regular taxpayer, I pay my taxes on time, as a law-abiding citizen who cares, for others, I am avoiding crossing my gates since 10th March, yes my family and I are under self-isolation for more than a month. I have donated in PM CARES fund reasonably in my capacity. But I have questions in my mind. I want answers for those questions

Who will ensure the safety of doctors and front line of Corona fighters?

Police Inspector who captured 21 absconding Corona positive person is now contaminated with Corona, Who is responsible for his illness?

Is Indian system waiting that Corona virus would mutate itself into a less harmless virus?

What is the fate of India when no one would speak about the internal security of India?

Isn’t it my right to ask the government, Supreme court, media houses, opposition parties, intellectuals that how they are going to change or curb the anti-government sentiments in the multi-million strong population of India?

How much freedom, subsidies, and secularism is required for them to love Indian doctors and Indian Police?

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Shailendra Kumar
Technical Architect by Job. Nationalist and rationalist writer on the topics related to common man and India.

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