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Media maintains silence on minority crimes

Palghar Lynching: A tale of fear and paranoia

The misleading reporting to suit their own agenda is now costing all of us a big price. The continuous evil portrayal of the saffron by the left cabal, communalizing any issue when a culprit is Hindu and at the same time ignoring it when the victim is a Hindu has resulted in the paranoia being developed regarding the saffron mainly.

दिल्ली दंगा को नरसंहार बतलाने वाले वामपंथी गिरोह का पोस्टमार्टम

आखिर वामपंथी गिरोह की नीयत क्या इन है? ये लोग का मकसद बिल्कुल साफ रहता है कहीं मौका मिले देश की अन्तराष्ट्रीय स्तर पर छवी खराब करना ताकि विदेशी भारत विरोधी आका इनका रोजी रोटी चलाते रहेl

The Wire: An example of tarnished reporting

"An army colonel and a major were among five personnel killed in an encounter in north Kashmir that also saw the death of two alleged terrorists."- is the language of The Wire to describe Hindwara encounter

People who were suggesting what to do with Mob Lynchers are silent on what to do with Tablighi Jamat!

TV debates are fading day after day after reporters have received threats from supporters of Tablighi. No Media house cares about whether all Tabligis are captured and isolated.

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