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The Wire: An example of tarnished reporting

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We all know that media whether social or reporting is the fourth pillar of our constitution. Media is the source and responsible platform to awaken society. What if the cracks of fake, propaganda, and money make this pillar sick. Media plays an important role in risen from dust mites to mountains issues. But for a very long time, it has been seen that reporting or at social media is used to polarise the educated and uneducated people of society, spread hatred and to fulfill the agenda of foreign policy to break our country. The Wire which is well – known for its hyper-toxic secularism and neutrality even the neutrality be shy in front of THE WIRE.

Spreading extraordinary veracious news about the nation, society, and various communities, especially for a peaceful community, nationally and internationally leads to thinking who is behind this game. When we go deep into this we came up with the well-known name of an educated society Sidharth Vardarajan. A man who gives his job in the various reputed journals like The Hindu, The Times of India. Because of the controversy of his Outlook article on Godhra, he resigns and he sets up his own media platform named The Wire. Now the question comes in, is he Indian? No he is not! He is American and we can see the ideology about the nation, government, and communities through their articles and news published nationally and internationally, foreigners controlling Indian media.

In his recent article in The New York Times about Covid-19 He wrote “For decades, India embraced many of the ideals that are the hallmarks of liberal democracy. But since the election of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Hindu fundamentalist Bharatiya Janata Party in 2014, we have experienced a breathtaking erosion in the rule of law and civil and political rights and the unleashing of a wave of intolerance against religious minorities.

Sadly, much of the Indian media has been complicit in the B.J.P.’s assault on democratic and secular values, either by actively promoting the narrative of Mr. Modi and his party or by censoring itself to avoid being punished”.

You can see his Ideology, how easily he blames the current government for everything. He forgets the terrorist attacks before 2014. He forgets the riots which had been a part of daily life, he forgets the genocide of Hindus of Kashmir. He forgets everything and all the horrendous and hazardous things happen after 2014. In a recent incident of 3rd May, when our brave Indian Army Colonel and Major martyred among five brave security personnel in Handwara encounter what he and his media house tweet gives an utter shock. The Wire wrote “An army colonel and a major were among five personnel killed in an encounter in north Kashmir that also saw the death of two alleged terrorists. We can see the endearment for the Indian army and hate for terrorists. The love for his nation is remarkable. When the current government straightforwardly solves this nation issue he again shows his affection for India and government. Internationally the issue of Kashmir makes foreigners mock India and easy to blame that internal disputes of India are so big that it can’t focus on development, economy, and infrastructural issues. When government take initiative and solved this issue he wrote”.

“Constitution Torn to Shreds as RSS Indulges Article 370 Fantasy in Kashmir”“Not only has Amit Shah stripped Article 370 of its essence, but he has also abolished the entire state as well, replacing it with two ‘Bantustans’ in which key decisions on issues like law and order and land will be taken from New Delhi.” His love of our motherland is so acceptable that it makes your blood boil. As he is so big-hearted and kind that he loves our peaceful neighbor country Pakistan. In the favor of our neighbor country’s Pakistan views, he released a video that has been removed for its anti-national content He shows a map where he shows Srinagar as India Occupied Kashmir and POK as Azad Kashmir.

His affection for our nation doesn’t end here. The wire uses the 2015 survey map to prove that after the removal of Article 370 Kashmir encounters mental health problems.Their love for the Hindu community and BJP leaders is so applauded that he spread fake news on 31st March that “On the day the Tablighi Jamaat event was held, Yogi Adityanath insisted that a large fair planned for Ayodhya on the occasion of Ram Navami from March 25 to April 2 would proceed as usual while Acharya Paramhans said that Lord Ram would protect devotees from the coronavirus.” After his concern and love to the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and lord Ram, an FIR has been lodged for giving objectionable comment on CM Yogi.

Before 2014 when the peace is dropped from leaves the horrible incident took place where 52 Hindu Pilgrimages were burnt in a train and after Godhra, the massacre riots took place where Muslims being targeted. How can be such a loyal and honest journalists stop to write this truth and what truth he wrote: “Far from being a spontaneous mass reaction to the attack on the Sabarmati Express at Godhra the day before in which 58 Hindu passengers died, the killings across most of Gujarat seemed scripted.” On the next he wrote “If Godhra hadn’t happened, would it have been necessary to invent it? I don’t know, but the Godhra incident itself is so shrouded in mystery that it is almost as if the official narrative which emerged within minutes and hours of the train being consumed by fire is an invented one, conveniently conjured up to provide the “rationale” for the pogrom which had simultaneously been ordained.”

We can see the height of toxic secularism in his article and love for government. He thought that this heartbreaking incident was scripted by BJP. This so-called Honest, Highly educated, and loyal Journalist shows their toxic- thoughts and show how knowledge can be used to misguide the society. Now, the question arises can we expect this foreigner citizen that he is serious about the situation of India and Is the law allowed him to open his own media platform when he is not a resident of India. In 2011, the bill was prepared that if anyone who practices Journalism or wants to open his own media house should be a permanent resident of India. That bill is still in the file. Today, when news will be published as per journalists’ thoughts rather being published the incident as it is. Don’t you think it is the need of time because of Journalists or co-founder like Siddharth Varadarajan who fulfill or sell their agenda of fake, propaganda, and toxic-secularism easily without any hindrance. We need this pending bill because only a true Indian can understand the situation of India, not a foreigner.


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