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the wire lies

Left-wing watch: 10th October

The wire leaves no stone unturned to create any caste or religious rift in India!

The Wire: An example of tarnished reporting

"An army colonel and a major were among five personnel killed in an encounter in north Kashmir that also saw the death of two alleged terrorists."- is the language of The Wire to describe Hindwara encounter

Professor Ram Guha is lying. Again!

Left Liberals can take to lying like water to fish, Important that we find it and nail them.

The Wire’s Monobina Gupta is pondering over the idea of a new Bangladesh, this time within India

Monobina Gupta, Managing Editor of The Wire, has exclusively written a piece assessing the possibility of linguistic 'Bangla nationalism' the key driver leading to the creation of Bangladesh, as a counter to what she calls 'Hindi-Hindu nationalism'.

पड़ताल: प्रजापति एनकाउंटर मामले में मीडिया द्वारा खबर के नाम पर परोसा जा रहा है झूठ

संदीप तमगड़े ने खुद ये स्वीकार किया था कि तुलसीराम प्रजापति एनकाउंटर केस में अमित शाह के खिलाफ उनके पास कोई सबूत नहीं है. बावजूद इसके कि अमित शाह को इस मामले में कब का बरी किया जा चुका है, मीडिया का एक भाग जबरदस्ती केवल एक पीआइएल के आधार पर उनका नाम घसीटने को आतुर है.

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