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Hijab: Right to Education or the Right to Coexist?

Leading up to the Supreme Court's final ruling on the Karnataka Hijab controversy, there were many opinions being expressed on both sides of the argument. 

Assembly polls 2023: Can BJP think big in Karnataka?

To most political observers, BJP's lack of expected electoral successes in the state so far can be attributed to the fact that it has...

Assembly Polls 2023- Understanding Karnataka’s Unique Importance In Indian Politics

Karnataka polls probably promise to offer a gruelling contest and have great strategic significance for a number of reasons.

कर्नाटक के हर्षा हिंदू की हत्या – न पहली न अंतिम!

इस लेख को लिखने का उद्देश्य उस वजह को समझाना है की किस वजह से देश में हिंदू संस्कृति के उत्थान के लिए जितने भी संगठन बने है उनके कार्यकर्ताओ को इतने हिंसक तरीके से जान से मारा जा रहा है, हर्षा की हत्या न तो पहली हत्या है न ही अंतिम!

Rahul Gandhi blatantly promotes gangster-turned-politician Mohammed Nalapad

Rahul Gandhi blatantly promotes Bengaluru based gangster-turned-politician Mohammed Nalapad who is out on conditional bail in an attempt to murder case

United South India is just a vehicle to espouse Tamil supremacy and sane Kannadigas want to opt out of it

The new found love of Dravidians for their Southern brethren is a cover to espouse their fundamentalistic agenda using the combined weight of South to push their narrow hate filled agenda. Kannadigas are understandably vary of these campaigns given the history of Anti Karnataka sentiment driven by Tamil Chauvinism and hence would like to take no part in it.

Migrants crisis and need for data revolution in India

real time data base can be extremely useful at the time of war. If we know the exact number of workers we have in our country, It can give us some extra advantage over countries like Pakistan where data is highly unorganised.

Addressing the elephant in the room: Privacy amidst public health crisis

While publishing any kind of data, any entity, be it govt., should not compromise upon the privacy of any individual.

HDK is trying to be Mamata of Karnataka, but Karnataka is not Bengal

With its brazen dynastic politics and problems with its coalition partner Congress, JDS (Just Devegowda & Sons) is facing a very real possibility of drawing a blank in the present Lok Sabha elections.

Did Anant Kumar Hegde address an empty crowd?

Another case of misleading headlines and fake narrative building

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