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How Yogi Adityanath’s statement on Eid was given a communal twist

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If somebody says “Mai Eid nahi manata/manati”, what can be the possible explanation of these words? Simply, it means a person who does not celebrate Eid.

Indian liberal media is expert in giving any normal incident a communal spin. A recent example has been in case of UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s statement on Eid. He drew flakes from liberal lobby for his simple statement about taking a pride of being a Hindu and for mere mention of the fact that he does not celebrate Eid.

As a normal Indian citizen when I read his statement “I am a Proud Hindu. I Don’t Celebrate Eid” for first time, I found nothing wrong with it. In fact it was one of those few incidences when a state leader has risen above the petty politics of minority appeasement. Being a proud Hindu I could relate myself to this statement and it does not make me anti-Muslim or anti-minority in any way. It is just a person’s choice.

Whole incidence was very cleverly given a communal spin to influence the recent by polls in UP. It seems that this propaganda paid off very well. However, as a common citizen we need to be aware of these kinds of provocations in future. We have to distinguish between actual communal and non-communal leaders to maintain the integrity of our society. Many state elections and general elections are lined up within a year. We would be targeted by liberal brigade by these kind incidences and they would try their best to divide on the basis of our caste, religion, region, culture, language and festivals. This is clear indication of their desperation for gaining the power at any cost and stalling the progress of our nation. We have to be aware with the fact that current Modi government has put a lot of effort to bring the structural changes in our economy and injected a new ray hope. We have to continue this tradition in next elections. For that we should avoid being part of appeasement politics.

Now coming towards bigger part of the problem, after this incidence UP Chief Ministers has been projected as an anti Muslim. But why? How we become so much biased? In India millions of Hindu who does not celebrate Eid are not anti Muslim. Similarly Muslims who don’t celebrate Holi or Diwali are not an anti Hindu. It is a person’s choice that which day he/she wants to celebrate and which doesn’t. We all are living in one country as a neighbor by exchanging Gujhiya and Sewai.

During my college days I clearly remember, my colleague Abdul used to bring Sevai on every Eid and I used to enjoy every single bite of homemade sevai but I never thought of celebrating Eid as such. Every Holi I used to bring Gujhiya from my home and Abdul was a big fan of it but he never played holi with me. I never felt bad for that. I can understand his personal choice. These incidences never made us hate or dislike each other. I am a vegetarian and never tasted the mutton biryani he used to bring on Bakr Eid but that never created any distance between us.

But When Yogi ji put his personal view honestly whole liberal media put him in bad light and accused him being communal. I can also say with full confidence ‘Main garv se kehti hu ki main Hindu hoon aur main Eid nhi manati’ and statement does not make me anti-Muslim. I respect their religion and regard their culture and I am proud that I am part such a great nation that gives us this individual space to express our identity and respect others.

Festivals should not be a basis for judging anyone’s approach towards religion, caste or community. Holi, Diwali, Eid, Christmas, these days are gifts to human society. A basic concept behind all festivals celebration in India or whole world is to celebrate happiness, spread joy. Festivals bring people close to each other irrespective of their other identities. Today we are living in an era where anyone can celebrate any festival regardless of its origin, identity or belonging.

A festival should only be associated with spreading happiness and joy, connection between souls apart from their race, ethnicity or caste. Celebrating festivals should be Democratic like our Constitution. Everyone person should be free to express either Prime Minister or Chief Minister that “mai Eid nhi manata/manati” and no one should use these words to play political or communal card.

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