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बनते रहो चारा, निभाते रहो भाई चारा

राजनैतिक दलों ने सत्ता प्राप्ति के लिए सार्थक काम करने के स्थान पर मुस्लिम तुष्टिकरण को बढ़ावा दिया क्योंकि वो चुनाव जीतने का आसान रास्ता था।

A case study of Jews and Israel: learning lessons for Indians and citizenship amendment bill

Any Jew living anywhere in the world, persecuted or not persecuted can seek refuge and ultimately citizenship of Israel.

Musings from a republic day morning: A post-Pulwama retrospection

What use is such secularism that teaches us to be blind to the genocidal activities of certain groups, and demands that we condone the same?

What changed in last 5 years?

Unlike earlier governments that used to come back to power with just a single major decision like nuclear deal or farm loan waiver or increase in the number of subsidized cylinders, this government has has taken major decisions every single day.

Secularism is new communalism of Indian main stream media

Indian media should understand that people are now smart enough to fall into their prey.

Why opposition might not replicate 2003 surprise in 2019

With opposition strategy remaining the same, is it possible for a repeat of 2003 election result where India Shining campaign completely backfired for the BJP and Vajpayee Ji?

केंद्र में बिना अध्यादेश के पारित नहीं होगी सर्दी!

दिल्ली में दो ही चीजें हैं जिनका इंतजार दिसम्बर और जनवरी आते ही जनता और, खासतौर से युवाओं को, रहता है। वो हैं - सर्दी और सरजी।

Hindus of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana both can lose political power very soon

Assaduddin Owaisi and YSR Reddy - Muslim and Christian respectively - are all set to alter the politics of these states.

How Yogi Adityanath’s statement on Eid was given a communal twist

Celebrating festivals should be Democratic like our Constitution.

Why Mamata Banerjee is the worst Chief Minister at present

The West Bengal CM is on a path of destruction for the state.

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