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Why Mamata Banerjee is the worst Chief Minister at present

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With the disproportionate focus of national media confined to the capital and its boundaries, it may well appear Arvind Kejriwal might be the most nasty, wretched and insecure politician currently sitting in a Chief Minister’s chair.

Well I would not disagree to the facts of Kejriwal being choleric and nauseating but nobody comes close in matching the malicious, spiteful & villainous quotient of our Didi. Yes I am talking about the Didi of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee who does not leave a chance to showcase her talent of being the most dreadful and reprehensible leader at present.

What makes her more arrogant is the undisputed power she enjoys in Bengal and may well continue to do so because of lack of credible opposition. She doesn’t have to hold back like Kejriwal fearing of electoral consequences.

For her, development of Bengal is secondary and Modi bashing is of prime importance. For her, border security is secondary and safety of some and ‘Rohingyas’  are primary.

Let us analyse some of her decisions which reveals the malevolent mentality of Mamata Banerjee:

1) She does not even spare young children & education sector.- 

The West Bengal government has decided to shut down around 125 schools affiliated to Vidya Bharati Akhil Bharatiya Shiksha Sansthan. This move creates a jeopardy and an uncertain future among the students studying in those schools.

They mainly belong the financially weaker sections of the rural society. No alternate arrangement has been proposed so far for those students. All because they were studying in ‘Hindu schools’ run by RSS in the eyes of the state government.

In contrast, when Partha Chatterjee, the Education Minister was asked about illegal Madrassas, he ducked it by saying that they are not under his department.

It is important to note here that these RSS affiliated schools are not new. They have been functioning from time communists were in power. Mamata herself is now ruling Bengal for around seven years now. There has been no complaints or problems in the past. Then why this move?

The reason being given now is that they are not following syllabus as prescribed by West Bengal State Education Board. But they have not mentioned which part of syllabus is not being followed by those schools or may be they are not following ‘jihadi’ dictats of urduization of the beautiful Bengali language. May be they are still using ‘Ma’ instead of ‘Ammi’ , ‘akashi’ instead of asmani & ‘Ramdhenu instead of ‘Rongdhenu’.

The real reason is, she has the feeling that RSS is exerting an influence in Bengal politics and it can be a headache for her in future. In her wrath and selfishness, she has not even spared young children.

Compare that to the open pampering done to Madrassas & Maulvis, and the fund allocated to them. The stark contrast is an indication of their communal mindset.

Poisonous politics of appeasement has crippled Bengal and ravaged its body and soul. On one hand they allocate huge funds for Madrasasas on the other hand they say “education should not follow any kind of religion”.

(The below pic is West Bengal’s 2017 budget summary where, important to note, budget for Minority affairs & Madrassa education is higher than that of MSMEs)

The communal politics of Mamata shows no sign of taking rest even in Independence day Celebration.

Last year, the MHRD issued a circular asking every school to arrange a “Sankalp Program” from August 9 to August 30 near “Shaheed Smaraks” — constructed as memorials to freedom struggle or war martyrs or those who have fallen to terrorism — or on school campuses.

Each and every state, including the communist ruled states of Kerala and Tripura followed the guidelines, except Didi’s West Bengal. The Mamata govt rejected the suggestions from MHRD, saying “The feeling of patriotism cannot be forced down someone“.

2) Minority votes overshadows well being of Bengal

The menace of illegal Bangladeshis and now Rohingyas have not  only drained the bordering states like West Bengal and Assam financially, but it has created a demographic imbalance. An imbalance which disrupt the peace and harmony of the state.

On one hand where Assam is carrying out ‘National Register of Citizens’ to weed out illegal immigrants, Mamata is hell bent on keeping them. In fact, she has gone one step further and criticized  the move. Banerjee accused the BJP-led central government of hatching a conspiracy to drive out Bengalis from Assam by excluding their names from the first draft of the NRC.

This is a conspiracy of the central government to drive out around 1.80 crore people from the state” she alleged. Assam Public Works president Abhijit Sarma, who had filed a PIL in the Supreme Court for updation of the NRC said that her statement was contempt of the court as the NRC is being updated on the orders of the Supreme Court.

Her apologetic stance on Rohingyas is well known. With illegal Bangladeshi flooding the streets of Kolkata, the Rohingya factor will only aggravate the problem and stroke more communal tensions. But she has turned a blind eye to the warnings and ominious signals to pacify her vote bank and keep it intact.

3) Mamata does not want Bengal to flourish- Stagnating the development process 

As i said before, for her, well-being of Bengalis is secondary. The only motives with which she works are:

A) Minority appeasement
B) Painting a evil picture of PM Modi in front of Bengalees.

And somehow she has managed to sell the lie that PM Modi is deliberately holding back funds for Bengal. She sells a lie to the people of Bengal that Modi does not want Bengal to prosper and the Prime Minister of this country is ‘Anti-Bengali’.

But the reality is just the opposite.

There has been no shortage of funds from central govt. She wants to portray Bengal as the victim of Modi’s partisan politics, whereas the truth it is she who is the damaging factor. You pick up any parameter and you will find Bengal at the bottom when it comes to utilisation of the central funds.

Take for example DBT (Direct Benefits Transfer) in PDS (Public Distribution system). Clear indication she want the leakages to happen:

click on the image for larger view

Another example that centre does not discriminate with Bengal. The below list shows funds released under MNREGA during 2016-17:

She has already started another feud with Centre regarding Modi Care. She has openly said they wont pay for it. Her personal animosity with PM Modi will be the sole reason Bengal will suffer.

Such is her hatred that she has changed the name of ‘Pradhan mantri fasal bima yojna’ to ‘Bangla fasal Bima Yojna’. She is selling the scheme as one of her own pilot project to the people of Bengal, a trait she has learned and mastered. Such is her insecurity. Such is her low mindedness.

Mamata Banerjee keeps her petty politics alive even regarding tableaus on Republic day. She termed it as an insult to Bengalis and a conspiracy of Modi to deliberately ignore Bengal when state’s tableau was rejected this year. She said it was done as Bengal is not ruled by BJP. That was another lie she sold. Madhya Pradesh (a BJP ruled state) had its tableau was rejected by Modi govt last year. Only around 12 to 15 tableaus are allowed in the parade.

Mamata is no different from Jignesh Mevani. Jignesh wants to cash in by flaming tensions between Dalits and others, Mamata does the same by pitting Bengalis vs others. She has successfully created a divide among the Hindu voters in Bengal. She has poisoned the minds of Bengalis.

She allows radical organisation PFI to hold rally for Rohingyas but does not allow Mohan Bhagwat to hold meetings and rallies.

On one hand she speaks about artistic liberty in support of Padmavat, on the other hand she personally interferes and asks state censor board to cut some objectionable scenes from the movie ‘Zulfiqar’ because her Muslim brothers feel so.

Mamata Banerjee is the factor that is holding back Bengal from reaching its full potential. In future, she will continue to have her way of carrying on with the malicious propaganda and appeasement politics. My fear is  she will only up the ante here and let Bengal suffer.

Her success lies in Bengal’s suffering. Her success lies in creating a social imbalance in the Bengali society. Away from the spotlight she is damaging the social fabric of Bengal. With the support of liberal/secular ecosystem, she will continue to do so. The falsehood of Bengali secularism is becoming more and more conspicuous with every passing day.

If you combine the despicable and low mindedness of Arvind Kejriwal with the violence and inhumanity of Pinari Vijayan, what you will get is Mamata Banerjee.

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