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Archbishop on the same page as the Mullah – New definition of Secularism

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Modi antagonists have launched a fusillade trying desperately to thwart BJP’s mission to retain power in Gujarat for another term .

The intensity of the battle has already reached a feverish pitch and the slanging match is expected to break all records of Indian electoral politics and breach all levels of decency . Meme’ , sex tape , potato to gold , targeted investigative journalism , concocted allegations , temple runs etc., are just a warm-up – the race is yet to begin .

Hardik Patel , the face of Patidar Quota movement has ganged up with Alpesh Thakor, an OBC leader and
Jignesh Mevani, a Dalit Social Rights activist, in a bid to forge an alliance of convenience with Congress to deny BJP another term .

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The Congress has unleashed a refurbished Rahul to take on Modi in his home turf. The stress of anti-incumbency on BJP, the disgruntlement of the Patidhars, the continued Muslim hatred of Modi, and disenchantment of the business class post Demonetisation and GST are issues that are exploitable, and are being exploited to the fullest by the Congress .

But what really is disconcerting is the role of Christians. The Archbishop of Gandhinagar , Thomas Macwan has appealed to Christians to defeat “Nationalistic forces”, thus hinting at BJP. By doing so, the closeted dislike of BJP by Christians is now out in the open .

Weren’t Christians supposed to be more circumspect than their more populous minority brethren , the Muslims ?

We are used to Mullah’s and their contemptuous sermons of incitement. We are used to their ridiculous Fatwa. And , we are well aware of the Muslim vote bank. But , a Christian Archbishop’s open letter where he urges his community to defeat ‘Nationalistic forces’ is a blatant attempt at communal politics. A telling acknowledgement of Religion meddling in Politics, and Religious Leaders leveraging their influence to polarise their community.

A manufactured psychosis of fear spread by a religious Head coming at the time of a crucial Election reeks of partisanship of the parish. A blow to true Christians who peacefully coexisted with Hindus, who now have to contend with resentment of the Hindus all because of the insensitivity of a Man called Thomas Macwan.

What concerns the church is not the atrocities against Christians, because incidents haven’t spiked after Modi took charge, as the church wants us to believe. It’s the deprivation that hurts them most; The deprivation of freedom to convert at will. The deprivation of funds that they used to raise through a network of NGO’s in their mission to propagate Christianity. The deprivation of political relevance that they were so accustomed to during earlier regimes .

Hindus supporting a Hindu party is termed as communal politics but the irony is when a Muslim supporting a Muslim political Leader is called ‘Secular Politics’. Now with this call by the the Christian clergy, irony dies a slow death when a Christians call upon Christians to defeat Nationalistic forces for the country to remain Secular – rather , for the country to be remain a an uneven playground where the Hindus play second fiddle to the Muslims & Christians.

The World has seen that politics and religion go hand in hand. The Papal influence, the Grand Mufti’s influence, the Ayotullah’s influence are legendary. Why is it that only Hindus are called COMMUNAL when Hindus choose to elect a truly Secular party to power in a perfectly democratic manner ?

Isn’t it ‘Hippopotamanian Hypocrisy’ ?


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Writing is a hobby. Interested in politics , Foreign affairs and sports. Tweet your comments to @bobsimhan

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