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Home Media How Indian media defamed Hinduism by labeling a Muslim terrorist a Hindu

How Indian media defamed Hinduism by labeling a Muslim terrorist a Hindu

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IG of Jammu and Kashmir, in a conference told the reporters about an LeT terrorist, Sandeep Sharma who happens to be a Hindu was arrested and held in custody for further queries. The Hindu-Hater Newspaper let not the opportunity go in vain and started connecting Sharma with Dharma. One of the leading news traders, (a figure among cyphers) Times of India wrote an article about the same.

Times of India, which always claimed that Terror has no religion had now find the relationship between Terror and religion, which according to them is Hinduism. In an article they write and claim that Sandip Sharma is a Hindu. In the article author M Saleem Pandit & Pervez Iqbal Siddiqui wrote and I quote:

“Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) had hired a Hindu man from Uttar Pradesh to rob banks and ATMs, snatch weapons and kill cops in Kashmir, police said on Monday.

Inspector General of J&K Police, Muneer Khan, said at a press conference that Sandeep Sharma from UP’s Muzaffarnagar was arrested for being a member of an LeT module in south Kashmir and a close aide of the outfit’s commander Bashir Lashkari, who had been gunned down in an encounter in Anantnag on July 1.”

So the ultra super duper seculars who believes that terrorism has no religion are propagating the noble term ‘Hindu’ with ignoble ‘Sandip Sharma’. Everyone knows that Sandip Sharma was not killing police officers and civilians to spread Hinduism, still Times of India didn’t shy away to connect Hinduism with that terrorist. They had connected Hinduism with Sandeep which can be understood by the Hindi Phrase ‘साँप मरे लाठी न टूटे’ (Killing the Snake without breaking the Stick). One can see the mindset of these news traders by this articles.

A local Newspaper claimed that Sandeep was converted to Islam two years ago. But these ultra super duper seculars didn’t panicked to write about it. They wrote about how Sandeep came in contact with LeT but they didn’t mentioned for a single time about his conversion to Islam. Sources:

Level of Journalism is now going deeper into darkness day by day. They sensationalize minor incidents into a communal one or they convert incidents into Upper Caste versus Lower Caste. An Indian with little access to genuine news feels humiliated and frustrated by these.


I’m still to know if Terror has religion or no? My advice to News traders is that, ‘Do not do something today what you repent tomorrow’.

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