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Seasonal Hindus: Loving Hindus sometimes; hating them most times

Standing up for your religion, doesn't make you a hardliner. Being a Hindu, isn't a crime, you needn't be "ashamed".

PETA compares Artificial Insemination to rape: Mums remain mum

Peta comparing artificial insemination with rape is quite derogatory for women. Peta is a hypocritical organization which indulges in killing of animals.

Some men just want to watch the world burn: Instigators Motto

When some people just try to instigate people against each other, they reveal their true colours that they are not for anyone but are against everyone but themselves. Such people make me remember the quote Some men just want to watch the world burn.

Should anti-Hindu Bollywood be highlighted?

With Bollywood at the forefront of Hindu Hatred and various series and movies to show Hindus in bad light, it becomes necessary to know whether it is necessary to highlight the biasness of the industry.

Congress’s game of “Gotra”

Somnath, Gotra, Janeudhari: Congress' drama doesn't stop in the wake of elections.

प्रिय राहुल, मैं मानसरोवर…

एक बार नंदी को मैंने कहा कि जाकर तुम्हें ले आए, तैयार भी हो गया।

BJP must clear its stand on Anti-Hindu law allowing temple control by state

As a Hindu and as a supporter of the party, I demand answers.

Stoking Hindu anger in Tamil Nadu – what do insults and protests signify?

A silent revolution might be underway in the southern states of India

Concerned over Rohingyas in Burma but careless about Hindus in Bangladesh. Why Didi?

Mamata Banerjee and her supporters had spoken in favour of Rohingyas many times, but silent on Hindus.

A Hindu’s response to Tufail Ahmad’s ‘Abrahamic Hindutva’

The term 'Abrahamic Hindutva' is bogus and Hindus must resist the use of it.

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