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Some men just want to watch the world burn: Instigators Motto

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Ramesh Roy
An avid fan of movies, serials, and an occasional reader. An Indian Hindu with a keen interest to understand India, Hinduism, and the world. Views may change as an when I watch new movies, serials, and documentaries or read new books.

Some men just want to watch the world burn is a very popular quote from a popular movie, The Dark Knight. The conversation takes place between Batman (Bruce Wayne) and his butler and confidante Alfred Pennyworth.

By looking at the events taking place in recent days that some people want the same. All they need is a reason to instigate one against the other just to see a government in a bad light. They want to instigate Hindus against Muslims, Dalits against general caste, rich against poor, Brahmins against Thakur, etc. In a nutshell, they want to instigate Indians against Indians so that the people come rioting on the streets which can provide them fodder to criticize the government further by sitting in their comfy houses.

Some Dalit experts who are the torchbearers of Brahmin hatred and find everything wrong with Brahmins suddenly became the wellwishers of Brahmins when a criminal Vikas Dubey was encountered. A very famous Dalit icon and Bramhin basher suddenly developed a love for Brahmins when he questioned “Would this be his fate if he was a Thakur”. This sudden love for Brahmins is just because they want to want people from one caste to fight with each other.

Similar thoughts were propounded by the journalist Vinod Dua on his show when he provoked Indians to protest and riot in the same manner as witnessed in the United States. When people do not do as preached by these intellectuals they are deemed as failures.

A number of Intellectuals, journalists, RJs, lawyers, etc. were hands in glove with the rioters during the anti-Hindu riots in Delhi which resulted in the death of several people.

These people are like vultures who feed on the carcasses of the dead people and exploit the opportunity for their own personal benefit. This breed of people was rightfully highlighted by Rajdeep Sardesai in his video in which he said that “We are like vultures. We feed on these moments”. When the attack on the parliament can be a moment of joy for these people, the murder of a few people is just an occasion of momentary happiness for these people.


In order to make sure that peace and tranquillity prevail in society, it is necessary that such people are called out their hypocrisies are exposed. Such people should also not get a free hand to spread misinformation and must be tackled properly. The people must also be educated about such people and their propaganda must be exposed to reveal their true faces. This can help their blind followers see their true faces.

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Ramesh Roy
An avid fan of movies, serials, and an occasional reader. An Indian Hindu with a keen interest to understand India, Hinduism, and the world. Views may change as an when I watch new movies, serials, and documentaries or read new books.

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