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The goals established by our constitution maker are simple and relevant today. These are Justice, Liberty, Equality and fraternity. Since 26 Jan 1950, we thought to achieve these goals through the sovereign, secular democratic and republic polity of state.

Government expert believe that except during national emergency of 1975, Indian polity has been running on desired form of polity. but the goals of constitution are yet to be achieved.

The power has been in the hand of few, which is given by the system. Its the police organ that wield the power through the gun. Encounter killing is justifiable on the basis of self defense given in the IPC statue.

But fake encounter killing is not justifiable. I would like to go in little depth. Why Police resorts to fake encounter. Is it due to that they do not trust judiciary? It means an organ of state do not trust the other organ of state. There is trust deficit. If so, how would the citizen of India trust the three organ of state?

Therefore it is the call of all organ of government to trust each other and help them to deliver the justice to the needy. It will help them to gain the trust of people so that goals of constitution can be achieved.

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