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Importance of justice

Justice promotes social order, economic development, and social cohesion, and it is an essential component of good governance.

Making judiciary an accountable and just institution

reforms in the judicial system require sustained effort and commitment from all stakeholders, including the government, the judiciary, and civil society organizations.

Criminal justice system is ‘creaking’

The system is creaking. No doubt. Senior Advocate Harish Salve goes brutal to say it is ‘broken’. And it needs fixing. The issues flagged off by the Justices and the Union Law Minister are intermingled. It deserves structural changes.

The injustice against Justice Pushpa V. Ganediwala

Justice Pushpa V. Ganediwala's withdrawl from the Bombay HC displays an infantile silence slowly enveloping an otherwise jurisprudentially diverse judicial culture.

Marital rape: Why we need to criminalize it

We need to criminalise marital rape and, along with the issues concerning it must be answered. And with that, we can bring equality and justice in a real sense.

Self-styled custodian of freedom needs to look within

French media watchdog Reporters Sans Frontieres (RSF) aka Reporters Without Borders recently named India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a ‘predator of press freedom’,...

Courts are the battlefield of legal mercenaries

Justice is costly, it comes with a price. It comes with a price tag that some simply cannot afford.

नेता, पत्रकार और हाथरस वाला परिवार!

कई ऐसे उदहारण है जो बताते है की राज्य सरकार बहिन बेटियों या माँओ के खिलाफ होने वाले अपराधों को नियंत्रीत करने के लिए गंभीर प्रयास कर रहे है। अतः सरकार की नियत पर संदेह करना राजनितिक ही हो सकता है व्यवहारिक नहीं।

The state of state

It is the call of all organ of government to trust each other and help them to deliver the justice to the needy. It will help them to gain the trust of people so that goals of constitution can be achieved.

Police are a law unto themselves

There is something inherently rotten with the politician-police nexus that sustains such deviant conduct

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