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Seasonal Hindus: Loving Hindus sometimes; hating them most times

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Indian Politics has been dominated with anti-Hindu rhetoric since time immemorial, we’ve seen “15 minute ke liye police hata do” from Owaisi and, “Boys go to temples and worship Devis also molest women” (Apparently, only people who go to temples commit crimes, according to this guy) from Rahul Gandhi. Not to forget that ex DMK chief, Karunanidhi, once said, ‘What is a Hindu?, a thief!’, and then after facing backlash from many quarters, he switched sides and said, “A Hindu is a thief of hearts, maybe” and the perennial Hindu Hater, Kejriwal who has a plethora of speeches and screenshots which prove his open hatred for Hindus and our traditions.

Vaibhav from AAP (UP Division) has tweeted a very disgusting tweet mocking UP CM Yogi Adityanath who was simply following an old ritual. He went further and added a “drink urine”, jibe too. Such jibes were used by Pulwama Terrorists to highlight their hate for Hindus and “Idol Worshippers”. So, what does it say about these politicians?, and when they end up winning Delhi, what does it say about us?. That people vote for rabid Hinduphobes for 300 units of free electricity?.

And you maybe thinking that I’m blowing this out of proportion, but I’m not, there has to be a certain line which these politicians who exist because of our votes, shouldn’t cross. You exist because we vote for you, so you better treat us with some respect. That’s why we put the foot down in case of Ram Mandir, and said, “Jo Ram ka virodhi hai, vo iss desh ka virodhi hai” (Translation: Anyone who’s against Lord Ram, is against this country). We have to set the boundaries, we’ve allowed these people a free run for about 70 years and because we were lulled into complacency by media.

I went through about 30 quote tweets and one of them was of a AAP voter who said, “Don’t score self goals, we will not win elections like this!”. And that’s when it hit me, these people don’t care about Hindus or Dharma, all they want is a vote from us. They think of us as second class citizens who should be treated with respect only when elections are near. That’s how they work.

Social media has its evils, but it has also brought in a new paradigm to how we consume and analyze news and speeches. Few decades ago, the speeches would be muddied by friendly media and we wouldn’t know what true intentions of that politician are, but not today. We get live feed and each and every word is documented. And each and word is accounted for when we go to the polling booth.

We’ve seen the fake theory of “Hindu Terror” being floated, we’ve seen illegal incarceration and torture of Sadhvi Pragya and Col. Purohit, and yet many of us don’t stand by them. Why?, to score brownie points of pseudo-secularism. My beloved Hindus, no one will come to help you if you’re stuck in middle of a riot. No one came to help Rinku Sharma. No one came to save Nikita Tomar.

I realized the fact that I was on my own the day I saw my friends discuss, that “Lord Rama is a myth invented by Tulsidas”. I was never a religious person but that day I decided that I won’t keep quiet if someone attacks My Ram. Our God’s and Goddesses aren’t and will never be a punching bag for illiterate and failed comedians. And they, certainly will not be used as an election gimmick to appease us once every 5 years (cough cough, seasonal ‘Janeu Dhari Brahmin Rahul Gandhi’).

I would like to quote the line which was used during Ram JanmaBhoomi Movement, “Jis Hindu Ka Khoon Na Khole, Vo Khoon Nahi Vo Paani Hai” (Translation: Any Hindu who isn’t outraged by this, has water in place of blood, i.e., a weak person), in this article. If you’re not outraged, you can continue sleeping.

Standing up for your religion, doesn’t make you a hardliner. Being a Hindu, isn’t a crime, you needn’t be “ashamed”. You don’t have to defend your beliefs, traditions and faith to anyone. Be proud of your heritage.

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