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AAP Drama

देश के आठ “चिट्ठी बादशाहों” की चिट्ठी

जब से तथाकथित महान शिक्षामंत्री श्री मनीष सिसोदिया जी की CBI के द्वारा पूछताछ के पश्चात गिरफ्तारी की गयी है, तब से चिटठियों का दौर शुरु हो गया है।

Kejriwal misleads farmers of Gujarat on MSP: RTI reveals the truth

Arvind Kejriwal tries to deceive the farmers of Gujarat by promising that the Aam Aadmi Party government will give Minimum Support Price (MSP) on five crops in Gujarat like they've given the same to farmers of Punjab and Delhi.

Numbers never lie: Delhi government’s deficit fiasco

AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) never fails to mislead the public on the basis of numbers. First, they make fake promises and then use unfair comparisons to claim that the Delhi government is making a surplus!

Seasonal Hindus: Loving Hindus sometimes; hating them most times

Standing up for your religion, doesn't make you a hardliner. Being a Hindu, isn't a crime, you needn't be "ashamed".

केजरीवाल सरकार के नाक के नीचे पी.डब्लू.डी द्वारा सड़क निर्माण में घोटाला

राजधानी दिल्ली में जहा अरविन्द केजरीवाल जी की सरकार है उसकी नाक के नीचे पी.डब्लू.डी द्वारा सड़क निर्माण में हो रहे घोटाले से सामाजिक कार्यकर्त्ता और आम नागरिक सकते में हैं.

अदालत ने AAP सरकार को बोला COVID- 19 रैपिड टेस्ट बढ़ाएं

आवेदन में आरोप लगाया गया है कि दिल्ली सरकार द्वारा उच्च न्यायालय के 4 मई के निर्देशों का सही तरीके से अनुपालन नहीं किया जा रहा है

Delhi: Was it worth the fight for BJP?

For BJP it is not a time rest on its laurels. They are not out of the grind yet.

Mission Buniyaad: A mission to weaken the foundation

Kejriwal has killed the careers and future of at least one third of Delhi's government school students and their parents have no clue about it. In fact, they are very happy about it "today" but are going to regret it pretty soon.

Delhi: 2015 vs 2020

With remaining 2 weeks left for campaigning it is not a wonder that it might be a repeat of 2015 election but with BJP as the front runner.

AAP’s hollow claims exposed-AAP fielded candidates with criminal cases

Arvind Kejriwal gave Lok Sabha tickets to people with 380 and 382 cases against them, and was talking of 'clean candidates' in Goa and had the audacity to claim that AAP will field only clean candidates!

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