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Mission Buniyaad: A mission to weaken the foundation

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Anant Chetan
An FPGA/Embedded Systems Development Engineer working on ADAS / Autonomous Vehicles and interested in Indian Politics.

Delhi is witnessing assembly elections. Irrespective of what any one says or claims, this election is wholly and solely about only one person; Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. He is by far the most dangerous politician in India as of today. He just killed the careers and future of at least one third of Delhi’s government school students and their parents have no clue about it. In fact, they are very happy about it “today” but are going to regret it pretty soon.

Before I point out the one policy out that is responsible for all this, let me ask you a simple question. Why do you think above average students from India, who do not make it to IITs or IIMs are able to get a seat in a world class university in Germany and end up making way more than what IITians and IIMians make?

Because Germany has a system that we now know as “Mission Buniyaad“.

The Delhi government very proudly initiated Mission Buniyaad in 2018, this is an exact replica of the system Germans have been following for almost 60 years. They categorize students based on their performance in class IV, post which they are part of three different types of schools: Hauptschule, Realschule and Gymnasium. And the critical part is the students in Hauptshule are not eligible for university studies at all. That is one third of the students will never even apply for Bachelors forget about Masters. They are the Umyad students of Mission Buniyaad. The ones in Realschule will have to appear for extra exams  to be eligible to apply for university courses; they are the Utkarsh students from Mission Buniyaad. Only the students in Gymnasiums are eligible for applying for masters i.e. the Ujjawal students from Mission Buniyad.

What happens when you have less than one third of the student population applying for Universities? How many of them will choose engineering? How many out of the bachelors would go for Masters? A majority of Germans choose Automotive or mechanical engineering, what about others programs? That’s where Indians and Chinese come into play. When I did my master’s in Embedded System Design, there was only one German, rest Indians, Chinese, and some others but not Germans.

This is one of the reasons why German parents have been trying very hard to get rid of this system, to some extent they have been successful. A lot of states in Germany have already relaxed the criteria for the classification and also doing away with the three categories.


The other and most important reason why people in Germany are fighting to stop this is the mental state of the child. I ask you a simple question, how would you feel if you are constantly reminded that you are not upto the mark? You are inferior to one third of your class mates? Every time you find yourself studying a syllabus that is different then what your friend is studying, what would go in your head? Especially when you know why is it like that.

Do not blame such a child if he grows up to be a depressed person, a person with excessive self loathing, or a drug addict or worse a criminal. A majority of criminal have distorted psyche. Because it was not his fault when a bootlicker politician who handled the education portfolio copied a flawed system just to show that his government is reforming the education system in Delhi. You won’t see the result right away, or may be you won’t even be able to relate the results to the causes.

You haven’t even realized why unemployment is skyrocketing at present. Does it have to do anything with RTE act brought by the UPA in 2009? You could have a look at A Right to Unemployment. Some parents were really happy when the government decided to do away with the exams and make tenth board exams optional. Short term benefits biting them back after a few years.


I don’t know who this grown up kids would blame, themselves or their parents or the people their parents elected.

Plus what happens when the social system or castes infiltrate in these three categories? What happens when the rich kids + upper castes always find a place in Ujjawal and the poor ones and the other castes in Umyad? I guess some more protests or may be reservation.

Arvind Kejriwal was supposed to add 500 new schools and have added how many? only 30!! the number of students going to public schools have some how decreased when he claims that the public schools have improved. If they have improved the number of students enrolling in public schools should increase or decrease? Adding new rooms in already existing schools can not compensate for missing number of schools, it is just another way to show that the government is working. 

The only thing that Kejriwal has done so far is make the life of private school owners difficult. He has imposed a lot of checks on them, fee cuts, and many more. He tried to pull the private schools down rather then uplifting and creating more public schools. Private schools charge more because they know there aren’t enough public schools. Demand and Supply! Its same as like Reliance is a thug, but since we don’t have guts to create another organisation to bring in an alternative to the end users and regulate the prices, we will abuse Reliance, try to defame it and pull it down by brute force. If 500 schools required in the city were built in time, private schools would have fallen in line by themselves.

Is adding a happiness curriculum or a Deshbhakti curriculum a reform? If BJP talks about nationalism it becomes hyper-nationalism and Hindu-Nationalism, when AAP does it, it becomes Education reform. That’s nice and does not sound hypocrite at all!! And by the way, happiness curriculum is the same as activity period or zero period that the students of my generation had in our schools around two decades ago, I guess we were already reformed, even in UP.

Delhi government did a make over of three or four government schools made them look like hotels, added swimming pools and all other fancy stuff, but unfortunately that isn’t going to help students who don’t even have the basic facilities. This is an advertisement tactic to show the voters ‘look we are doing something’. I have been hearing a lot that Kejriwal has done a lot of work in this sector, I haven’t been able to find out any one good reform he brought to the system. They say they have been investing 26% of the state’s GDP on education. Where? How? We are talking about schools not universities, how many international travel does his staff need to understand the needs of a child in order  to develop good analytical and logical reasoning? For schools we need normal, genuine teachers who are teaching not because they are forced to but they teach because they like teaching; We need proper tables, chairs, simple black boards, uniforms, shoes, windows in the class room, functioning fans and not a freaking chandelier in the room. Once every school has these basics, we could look at the other fancy stuff like swimming pools.

The thing is people have a prejudice that Indian education system is not good, if it was not good Indian students would not make a mark in foreign universities. First RTE 2009 and now this, Indian politicians are using education system for their political benefits and in return are destroying the system.

Sisodia and his colleagues made their pleasure trips to different countries and copied the system that they found easy to implement, without putting in the required efforts to research the aftermaths of the implementation.

Its true that“The party has done a lot in the education sector” but to destroy it.

Thanks for reading!!!

Please stay tuned to my personal blog Infinite Sea of Opportunities for my next article as to why Delhiites might still choose Arvind Kejriwal even though he hasn’t done much for the state.

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Anant Chetan
An FPGA/Embedded Systems Development Engineer working on ADAS / Autonomous Vehicles and interested in Indian Politics.

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