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Arundhati Roy, Paresh Rawal and India: My take on Arundhati Roy

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India is quite a funny country. We have people who react on statements based on who is speaking and whom they are targeting. Recently, Arundhati Roy made a statement about Indian Army. Arundhati Roy said, even if India increases its military footprint from seven lakh to 70 lakh in Kashmir, it wouldn’t be able to wrest Kashmir where it matters, that is in the hearts and minds of ordinary Kashmiris. She has always considered India is an “occupying force” in Kashmir and is holding it through the barrel of the gun.

It is well known that Arundhati Roy has always been a cheerleader of Kashmiri separatism. But no one questioned her because liberals consider it as her freedom of expression. And it seems pretty all right to them. But when Praesh Rawal, a veteran actor & a newbie in Indian politics tweeted something about Roy whole gang of liberal and media went gaga on him.

Paresh Rawal tweeted-

I don’t agree with Paresh Rawal but India is a free country and it’s his freedom of expression. So read it, like it or ignore it but don’t show your double standards. As an Indian citizen, he felt offended by Roy’s statement. So this was his counter view. One may or may not agree with him. But the best thing about whole incident is that he didn’t delete that tweet. He stood by his statement, which is quite rare in our country these days.

Couple of days ago Sagarika Ghose tweeted something which she deleted after some time. She said-

Now that’s what I consider wrong and unethical because it was a pure lie. I am not saying this. She herself knew it was wrong and she admitted it. She apologized afterwards and deleted the tweet. But this one tweet could have incite violence. But literally no-one from media and gang of liberals raised any eyebrows, forget about the questions. These douce bag intellectuals of India have always picked up, what suits their ideologies. In this case they found a politician who belongs to a right wing party, whom most of these guys hate. So, it was obvious choice for them. While Arundhati Roy is their very own and it looks like a publicity plan for her second novel “The Ministry of Utmost Happiness”.


Arundhati Roy is someone who spreads rabid misinformation and false propaganda about India on international platforms, and is believed and her views are taken seriously by many.

First thing I like to mention that Arundhati Roy is not a cynics, in fact she wears a makeover of a cynic smartly to sell herself. In fact she belongs to certain class of Indians who since years have sold India’s so called social, economical and cultural backwardness outside India, specially in western world to get an instant popularity and success.

In fact this selling of India’s image of stark backwardness to the Western world has been an instant formula as an educated  Indian to earn a name and fame as an intellectual Indian, an author of repute, an internationally recognised social worker in the western world. The more you mock India, the more you paint India in black colour, the more applauds and claps of appreciation you receive from them. Talking negative and the worst about India is a guaranteed path to get some prestigious award like booker prize, even the Nobel prize.


And in fact many of Western educated so called smart Indian have followed this trick to black paint India and its image to earn name and fame globally. Arundhati Roy also belongs to the same league of Indians who talk cynical about India purposely, she has been surviving her writing career only through this trick.

I was shocked to see some videos on YouTube, where Arundhati Roy is seen campaigning in support of Kashmiri separatists, in support of the terrorists who have been involved directly in anti Indian acts. Similarly many her essays and the speeches delivered in foreign countries sound so anti Indian, projecting India as a kind of blot on the humanity, as a place where draconian acts take place against certain class of people.

She not only maligns India falsely and excessively, but also puts India in a very dangerous situation due to which the nation could be destroyed. She not only shames India on an international scale, but also compromises the security and integrity of the country. Either she is naive, immature and hasn’t a clue about geopolitics, or else is an ‘intellectual’ level terrorist, and covert warmonger.

Terrorism is less dangerous to a nation, because the terrorists have little credibility by engaging in violence. Arundhati Roy however, not only justifies their violence, but having tremendous personal international appeal and clout, actually works to fulfill the aims of those very same terrorists (who work against India and engage in violence and massacre upon its people).

She defends and speaks on behalf of organisations who are worst violators of human rights to criticise India (which is a relatively tolerant and peaceful country) for violating human rights. She abuses the freedom and tolerance India gives to her, to vilify India for being intolerant. If that isn’t f*cked up, I don’t know what is. Such a person is poisonous, and toxic to the nation, and an anathema to peace and harmony.

She pretends to be an activist, when she is in fact closer to a terrorist. Since she only targets and maligns India, people think she is telling facts without realizing she is, in fact, a psychopath.

It is dangerous when someone who has this kind of international credibility, has zero sense of responsibility for their power and position, abuses it (and abuses the freedom they have) and speaks lies and spreads misinformation which not only unjustly vilifies India, but can also destroy the country politically, socially and as a nation someday.

Just on a personal note, I do not hate Arundhati Roy for being ‘anti Indian’ in her views. I abhor her for being a liar (anti truth), illogical (anti logic), and most of all, for endangering the security and stability of India.

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