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Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants

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As an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, Louis Dembitz Brandeis made his famous statement, “Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants” in a 1913 Harper’s Weekly article, entitled “What Publicity Can Do.” He then proposed a remedy:

If the broad light of day could be let in upon men’s actions, it would purify them as the sun disinfects.

Its widely believed and passed upon by generations of Vedic scholars that sunlight is the best disinfectant to kill diseases, germs, bacteria microorganisms, bugs, virus and toxic ideas and ideology.  

The exposure, advertising, promotion, media hype and publicity of certain individuals and their opinions, beliefs, propaganda and judgments  in the English speaking press by making their views and their information widely available to the public is the best thing to happen to Vedantist society and a blessing in disguise for a country of citizens in a heavy slumber.

In the years prior to easy availability and access to social media the narrative was controlled certain individuals who interests weren’t inclined to the storyline of a Nationalist Vedantist Indian society.

Now as the likes of Arvind Kejriwal, Umar Khalid, Kanhaiya Kumar, Gurumehar Kaur, Mamta Banerjee, the members of the cause of Rohith Vemula, the left leaders in Kerala and journalists like Shekhar Gupta and others have been bestowed sufficient limelight and granted increasingly more adulation by those who oppose or wish upon the downfall of India and more importantly the demise of Vedantist society who to them are common enemy.

If not for the fake adulation of sunlight on Arvind Kejriwal, he might have reached the highest office of India but for his quest for instant fame and rapid prominence and his sponsors impatience to make adored and a darling of the masses and more importantly to stop their nemesis Narendra Modi from taking office.  The further Arvind Kejriwal basked in the sunlight of speaking his malicious mind, the more people swayed away and against him.

Every instance “the enemy of the people” (read the English press) has taken to causes such as Umar Khalid, Kanhaiya Kumar, Gurumehar Kaur and Rohith Vemula by conferring upon them adulation by sunlight. That very sunlight has awoken many who were having a siesta.

These awoken individuals who now will slowly but surely rise to become a part of the Nationalist Vedantist Indian society are combating and rebelling against the narrative of the fake news contingent.

These new members of the Nationalist Vedantist Indian society with their protests and dissents are disinfecting these germicides. Till now these parasites like Sitaram Yechury and Javed Akhtar were kept well in the dark by leftist microbes, these individuals like Kanhaiya Kumar and others had it easy to spread their hatred for the citizens of the Sindhu valley civilization for decades now.

Today the message is being spread to the youth not just by protests, blogs, articles and social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook but to the old folks via Whatsapp where these folks have access and reside and has become the most powerful of mediums of awareness and here the sunlight is shining brightly on likes of Amartya Sen and Arundhati Roy.

Hence the message is clear, we the Vedantists must be joyful and grateful that light is scorching and blistering on these germs. Instead of shutting them up we should hope that some in the press ask them many more questions and ask them to express their vision and outlook on various themes which would be extremely of importance and magnitude to the nation.

To expose their views in the sunlight (which even keeps venomous snakes away) will only help in awakening our asleep citizens and begin the process of disinfection.

If not for the sun shining brightly upon Rahul Gandhi, it wouldn’t be abundantly clear and apparent that he is a Joke!

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