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Hypocrisy of the left liberals

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Sumit Kumar
Proud Indian,Bachelor in Chemistry,right-leaning writer,interested in politics,society,cricket,international affairs,wanna-be politician and a jabra fan of Virat Kohli ! Tweet me at @SumitKu16651489

Over a fast few days, there has been a hypocritical debate over Freedom of Speech in India. Some say that their right to speak for the break up of India has been gagged. Some are anguished because their freedom to rally in support of the Naxalites, the primary reason behind the awful condition of Adivasis in Left Wing Extremism affected areas is in danger. One highly educated and a very respected poet, of whom even I am a huge admirer, says that the semi-literate people who have eventually won medals for this country after years of hard work are unworthy of putting forth their views. Some say that having a contrary opinion to that of a martyr’s daughter is misogyny, & insensitive. Ironically, the same bunch of people who rally in support of brainwashed stone pelters and deplore the army are now crying foul for a martyr’s daughter, who was eventually martyred in a terrorist attack supported by the same factions who aids the stone pelting.

This entire sequence of events reflect a simple narrative. Narrative being that what we say, is freedom of expression and what they say, is trolling or harassing. No doubt,the ones who threatened that girl because of her views must be put behind the bars because having a different opinion does not entitle anyone to abuse/threaten anyone. But, also, the Imam of Tipu Sultan Mosque at Calcutta who offered a bounty for beheading Tarek Fatah and Subhash Chandra should also be brought under the book. The fundamentalists who coerced the Zee Literary Fest organizers to deter Taslima Nasreen from participating from future functions must also be put behind the bars. The torchbearers of the Freedom of Expression, who want to talk about the freedom of Kashmir in an Indian University must also fight against the authorities of West Bengal for denying the organizers to hold an event on Balochistan. But, will the left liberals, who sip coffee sitting in Air-Conditioner room fight for the freedom of expression of these people? No, they won’t and the answer is pretty simple. They have their own version of freedom of speech and expression designed to suit their own vested interests and anyone who tends to disagree with them are coerced into apology, much similar to how Virendra Sehwag was forced into. They talk about Freedom Of Speech but they take no time in demonizing people who don’t toe their line of thinking. They talk about liberty and emancipation of women but fail to talk against Triple Talaq and polygamy.

For the last seventy years, these left liberals patronized by the Congress, had created and manipulated the narrative to suit their agenda. But with the unveiling of social media and the unflinching assertion & expression of masses on the social media, they have gone rattled. They are losing their clutch over the public nerves, in the era of Facebook, Twitter and of course, Also, thanks to this entire Award Wapsi and JNU episode; they have exposed themselves.

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Sumit Kumar
Proud Indian,Bachelor in Chemistry,right-leaning writer,interested in politics,society,cricket,international affairs,wanna-be politician and a jabra fan of Virat Kohli ! Tweet me at @SumitKu16651489

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