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Are we as bad as Jihadis?

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I am a Sanghi, no not an actual on, I am just an Internetwala. And how do I say this, err… I am a bisexual, progressive, blah blah. Still consider myself a Right Winger though, whats that? You don’t accept me. Fine, you can introduce a Fatwa, denouncing me from RW. Because that’s how Anurag Kashyap see us, yeah both of us, and also (not that it matters) Shirish (JihadiJohn) Kunder.

The another thing that I’ve been thinking is, Am I Hindu Zaira Wasim? She is in films, that kid is not wearing Hijab, she is no role model of separatist, but in past she refused to stand up for national anthem, and in present she did what she did to Vijay Goel (am too embarrassed to repeat that incident, google it if you live in cave). Although we are wildly different cases, with wildly different degree of extremism and completely different issues, this seems to be a flavour of the season, so lets examine this in spirit of true secularism and monkey balancing. 

First lets see what homophobia is (according to my opinion), in present day and age, you won’t have to lynch people to prove you are one, that’s so middle eastern and medieval, so there goes your Mehdi Hasaan, RSS, Baba Ramdev, Subraminum Swamy.

(I included Mehdi hassan on the list, because despite being a closet Islamist, he doesn’t believe in throwing gay off the roof, he believes in watching and stoning from down below in spirit of true moderate Islam, and also atheist are animals, and Muslim are fighting morally righteous war.)

Now lets talk about one that matter the most. One that recently again gave sermon on reservation right before UP election, one that keep costing BJP its election, the one that gave us Modi and RSS. RSS aka the punching bag, as you may know is homophobe and sexist, no doubt like I said according to me now sexism or homophobia doesn’t need to be about lynching and thrashing, labelling it mental retardness, or being excluding is pretty much qualified for it.

But lets examine what RSS is and how far it has come though, RSS is not one person/organisation so it does have variety of opinions and people affiliated with it. Other ideas and solutions that it presents, or work that it does are so boring that only its opinion on reservation (right before election), its homophobia, and thoughts/advice on reproduction matters. Its been indeed one of the most extremist organisation of modern Bharat, Nathuram Godse (another person confused because of his religion and sexuality, not for plight of Hindu/Sikh refugee, not for Gandhi absurd demands) killed Gandhi, with blessing of Sangh Sanchalak of the time, MSM have some exclusive snapshots to prove it, which they are planning to release weeks before 2019 election.

RSS also seems to have penetrated deep in judiciary (such high and cunning agency it is), it has influenced court decision on RSS link with Gandhi murder, acquitting Modi of 2002 riot charges, hanging of innocent Afzal Guru, Yakub Menon, Ajmal Kasab, and also recent case of Modi/Sahara scandal and last but not the least its directly accredited with saving a very hardcore Sanghi, Salman Khan in Chinkaraa and Banjaraa cases.

What else RSS have done?

In 2002, it commanded 60 Hindu men, women and children to lock themselves up in a train bogey and set themselves on fire, but that’s not where theirs violence ends. They are also responsible for making Ram Mandir under Babri Masjid, and breaking highly functional and popular Babri Masjid, in its peak hour, again killing  few Hindus, by cunningly snatching police guns and shooting them. Also, it was responsible for vicious 26/11 attack for which Pakistan was blamed by Indian government, but it was RSS ki Sazish, for which highly respected Mahesh Bhatt have attested, he got this exclusive information from his son, Rahul Bhatt, which Rahul Bhatt gained from David Headly, that it was, indeed RSS ki Sazish.

So, we are talking about an organisation in level of Al-Quaida, but is not yet banned by Indian Govt or court as India has always pursued good and bad terrorist policy. And yet this organization came to from criminalizing homosexuality to several years, to no its just cute mental retardness, (chain them up in mental asylum). That is huge. My prejudices aside for a terror organisation, capable of so many murders and infiltration, such level of extremism, but they evolve this much is a big deal. That is like Mehdi Hassan saying, “Well atheists are not animals, but not human either”.

But are these Internet Hindu guys same as RSS. Well one thing I assure you, these techies, virgins can’t kill a fly, so be assured of that and keep hating India and Hinduism. Be open about it. you have every right to hate India and then whine about election results. Are these people homophobes? Some of them are. But lots of them, even some extremely abusive, do not just care, but also are for the cause. So no, I am not confused, I am sure no RSS material. Neither do I agree with Isharat Jahan Ke Abbu, I am all for alcohol, porn, nudity, open sexuality. So I am not with lots of those older ones. But that is same for whole India, regardless of ideologies.

Hey, you ruled for 70 years and 150 years old 377 is there, censorship was established by you, and liberal cabal remained silent all these years. Yeah homos were barred from adopting children through surrogacy, but at the same time unmarried women were allowed for abortion (so one step ahead, one step back) Although this is big, very big, and you waited for 70 years, is unbelievable.

The person whose films were constantly banned wasn’t blaming MMS back then, (Manmohan Singh), but is now. Anurag is known to be obsessed with people, Karan, Kalki, Modi. May be we share the same sexual preferences. May be now is a time, he should go into another hiatus, I don’t see him repeating “Water”, “Satya”. Now, unfortunately (or fortunately may be), those were his scripts, he wanted to direct, but couldn’t back then. Another 7 or 14 year may refresh his mind, may make him a Modi Bhakt like us, as he is on Karans #$@% now. Compare Water, Satya, Blackfriday to the Girl In Yellow Boots, Bombay Velvet and Desi Kill Bills (do I even have to say anything about Jihadi John?).

The point is I am no Zaira Wasim, I am standing up to RSS, and to Jihadis, commies, anyone who will try to enforce undemocratic values on me. That’s may be because I didn’t go through what Zaira went through or Anurag for that matter, god knows kind of commie propaganda he has been through and believe in. And I am a proud Hindu, proud of my culture, tradition and civilization. I don’t believe you have to use the same logic to both Christianity and native American spirituality. One is a clear victim, and another is a clear perpetrator. And neither do you have to live in a crystallized timeline to save your culture, and as a Hindu, I know, what diversity is, when European were killing gypsies, they were thriving here, we gave asylum to all kind of people. That is totally a different thing, we were ruined economically and now for long we haven’t been able to take care of our own people (Na Main Bhukha Rahun, Na Sadhu Bhukha Jaye). Both have to for quite a long time.

I am ready to look beyond cow, caste, curry narrative, I want to be the part of narrative, not a spectator and spit on it. That haven’t done anything to our society in 70 years, except created more illusion and conflict. Kind of people who controlled academia, instead of attacking it, would have tried to understand and work with our culture, we would have been living in best of both world by now. 

My final point is, its not Zaira’s, Anaurag’s, or you know whose, fault. And don’t expect them to understand, don’t expect them to stand up, these are the kind of reaction you will keep getting. They take your request for attack, and comes in defense mode automatically. Reason being how they see you, as an enemy, for that’s what they have been programmed for. In the end we are no Zaira, Anurag. We are open, we are fighting and is trying to cooperate, and move forward constructively unfazed by destruction-walas, trying to build a constructive world.

Be a Proud Troll.

Jai shree ram

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