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Main Stream Media

पत्रकारिता; कल, आज और कल

पत्रकारिता मर नहीं रही है वह अपना स्वरूप बदल रही है अब वह दूसरे आयाम में जा रही है। कल की पत्रकारिता बीत चुकी है, आज की पत्रकारिता चल रही है और विकसित हो रही है और कल की पत्रकारिता अभी बाकी है।

Looks like MSM is about to surrender to Tom-Dick-Harish

When MSM behaves as irresponsibly as SM, boycotting them is the way out!

I will take a selfie too

The news level of MSM is stooping day by day. Either selective outrage or just useless news- that's what you can expect from them.

Media vultures and a tale of two disturbing deaths

Media seals the lips on Kerala's tribal man's MURDER.

How strong, media, the fourth pillar of the democracy is?

How strong is the foundation of our media? Can our nation rely upon it?

Its high time Gen. Rawat must respond to abuses hurled at him

Now opposition and their pet media have a new agenda: From questioning to abusing Indian Army.

क्या NDTV की दुकान अब बंद होने वाली है?

पत्रकारिता क़ी आड़ में चल रहे NDTV जैसे गोरखधंधों पर अब मोदी सरकार ने नकेल कसनी शुरू क़ी है

NDTV sends investigative journalists to raid CBI as a tit-for-tat

The journalists’ team will disguise themselves as reporters from other TV channels; it is learnt by My Voice.

Absurd rebuttal: Indian Express has eggs on face

An Indian newspaper treats its own country’s magnificent heritage as a piece of garbage in an absurd manner.

Has US media gone too far in criticizing Donald Trump?

Constant criticism of Donald Trump by media has made Americans incline towards Social Media.

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